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America's Own Waffen SS

Just think of us Americaner as your own private army

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As the memoirs of Joseph Allerberger wind up in a Lame Cherry examination of the historical facts in comparison to the 21st century, there were two mentions in the final chapter which caught my attention, which Americans should be most interested in.

First I am going to ask you a simple question in was Heinrich Himmler and evil man?

Was the German SS an evil group with their skull and crossed bones on their caps?

Those are simple questions, as one can not watch anything from Hogan's Heroes to The Great Escape and witness that the SS were the scourge of the earth according to the American government and thee American Jewish entertainment industry.

In that fixed reality, we return to 1945 in Joseph Allerberger, who with his entire 3rd Gebrigsjagers had been released from their oath in the east and told by their commander to make it back home to the American lines to save themselves from Russian communist death.
On the way to Austria, Allerberger was puzzled one day in hiding by a road where he noted an SS truck, which was filled with Landsers heading east.

It was soon after that Allerberger and his small group, dressed in civilian clothes happened upon an American checkpoint and were stopped and detained with a group of other German and Austrians who were part of the Wehrmacht.

The American Soldiers at the checkpoint told Allerberger's group, "I think you'll be getting a long holiday in Russia", with delight, and as SS registered trucks appeared, driven by the SS, Landers were loaded in and the Americans called out, "Have a nice trip, you glorious Aryan heroes!".

Allerberger's group agreed it was time to escape with their lives and 3 of the 4 did. The 4th was in denial in saying thee Americans could not be handing Germans over to the communists, but that was the case, and that man returned 6 years later after hard labor in a Soviet man, a broken person who never recovered.

In case you missed the above, all people have been told the SS was the great evil in the world, and yet it was the SS which was  handing over Germans to the communists to be murdered or worked to death. The only reason the SS had this authority was those glorious Americans had conscripted this murder machine to work for Americans.

Now ask yourself, did anyone in America fight that patriotic war of Franklin Roosevelt's to have 11 million Germans die of exposure in American concentration camps? Did Americans fight to join with the SS to round up Germans who were no more Nazi than any American was, and hand these innocent men over to Russian communists to be worked to death or mass slaughtered?
Was not the entire purpose of the after war, blaming Germans for the force labor concentration camps, and yet when Germany surrendered, America employed thee exact same concentration camps, murdering more Germans than Germany was ever accused of (Those German labor camp deaths were from Americans bombing supply trains of food and medicine to the camps, so the death camps were created by American bombing.) while Russia gang raped all the females of east Germany and Hungary.

This is one of the secrets of World War II, in no one has answered for this in all the heroes like Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, in just how was it that the Americans had incorporated Hitler's elite SS as their hatchet men. As the SS was evil under Adolf Hitler, then why was it not evil when Americans were employing it in the same rapine and slaughter.

This policy came from the top. Allerberger stated he was captured by an American sniper, who had a sniper rifle of his own with scope. In other words these were probably the famed American Rangers of Point du Hoc in Normandy who had incorporated the SS into their units and these great American heroes were enjoying it. Just like these American heroes would whore out German women for pieces of bread as they were starving in 1945 AD in the year of our Lord.

The Lame Cherry posts these realites to not condemn Americans, as they were lied to in that war in it being called Patriotic. It was their leaders who had joined the worst villians in the world. FDR looked the other way when Stalin was violating the Geneva Convention to murder and torture Germans on the Eastern Front. Later the American leaders would join with the SS to commit genocide against Germans.
Now why was it "insane" when George Patton, who was murdered for his pro German stance, in desiring to join his 3rd Army to the German Wehrmacht and driving to Moscow and ending communism, but it was perfectly civilized for Dwight Eisenhower, FDR and Hary Truman to employ the SS to hand over Germans to Soviet death camps, while thee Americans ran their own concentration camps murdering millions in Germany.

Do you not think that in this 21st century it is time that the Truth be known, and the real history written, and perhaps some of the monuments to Americans like FDR in Washington need to be torn down, as Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down that shameful wall from the same era?

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