Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The John Club


Dominus members sign a “blood oath,” involving blood and a paper document, to join — but Lawner won’t go into details.
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do wonder what kind of Caligula moment the United States will reach as Sodom and Gomorrah Judgment finally rains down upon the sinners and the Saints get caught in the fall out. The reason for this is Harvey Weinstein is lynched for making passes at women who sold themselves and stabbed other women in the back which did end up in intercourse as those women wanted a career more than to insult Weinstein, but the New York and California press write about a traveling orgy show, and even send in a pimped out reportette to chat up Bill Maher about his stud necklace that all the paying male members wear in a lion.

 Heather Hauswirth

Heather when she is not a brunette.

Heather Hauswirth Living New York Post 

 The pimp behind this is one Damon Lawner. Where the business of it is, women with no talent get to dress up as whores, to make contact with connected men who have to pay money to have women hang around them, as lesbians have sex in public, and there is some apparently some live stage act out of Egypt where patrons get to watch live porn, before an "expert "teaches them in a back room how to get wet nethers.

Damon Lawner

What fascinates me about this, is there was a nice gal named Kim Scott, back in the day, down in Missouri. She was making sex videos and how to demonstrations, and the state of Missouri came down on her like a load of bricks, and ran her and her husband out of the state to Michigan. Yet if you sell debauchery to connected perverts like Bill Maher, then like Hugh Hefner, it is legitimate and law enforcement does not make a raid for pimping and pandering, or violations of the Mann Act.


Sodom and or Gomorrah

Then again Donald Trump pardons old Nig pervs who debauch white girls for Black votes, so maybe if Bill Maher got arrested, Donald John would pardon Maher, before the boys in the grey bar got Maher lubed up with Vaseline.

Single men pay $1,850 per party, or $1,500 if they come with a female partner. For the erotic elite, there’s an annual Dominus membership for $75,000, which includes admission to all parties, a sterling-silver necklace with a lion pendant and access to private rooms at parties and Lawner’s network of sex experts. 

Then again, you have seen Bill Maher and the darkies he has purchased. Obviously the women are blind by the flabby, whiteness, or perhaps they can see, and is why they are so thin, they can not hold food down as they are puking all the time at this repulsive sight.

Bill Maher exclusive John Club client

People  always thought this blog went to far in the things posted here, but here is the New York Post, using pink bondage which looks like some Rosie O'Donnell genetic twin doing the tying up for a story. I know I have never put on lingerie or got a tramp stamp as some dyke cinched me up for Bill Maher to get wood over.

Heather Hauswirth in pink bondage

The following are what is high society now, or the idle rich who do not have anyone to laugh at them in how ridiculous they all look.

The Bunny John

It comes to a point that only the head trauma of a Bill Maher would ever think anything like below would be anything appealing. This stuff would not look good after a line of coke and a comatose of Manhattan Ice Teas.

 The up and cumming free rides

The world has not yet hit bottom though, as enter the lovely Mr. Tran. Mr. Tran is called a pervert by Damon Lawner, so Tran got kicked out of a Bill Maher group for being a sex tyrant. I do not know what a Vietnamese Sex Tyrant is, but is apparently scares pimp Jews..
Tran though charges Lawner with violating the Mann Act in hiring a child for pedo sex who happened to have sex disease. Another sure allure for someone like Bill Maher apparently, which so incensed Tran that he texted Lawner's 12 year old daughter exposing the kid to what daddy does for a living.

 Phuong Tran

Sex club says ‘Bunnyman’ booted for contacting owner’s daughter

January 23, 2018

Tran claims his feud with club founder Damon Lawner was over Snctm hiring an underage performer and one with a sexually transmitted disease — accusations Lawner strenuously denies.
Lawner says he was quietly trying to shoo Tran out because he’d become a “tyrant” who was trying to take over the business. But when the fetishist contacted his daughter, he decided to go with a public shaming instead.
“He’s been an insane tyrant for months. When he direct messaged my 12 year old daughter trying to hurt me because he wasn’t able to, that was the final straw,” he said.

That though got Tran banned in the messaging a kid of a pimp, as daddy apparently does not want his little angel knowing where her pink designer fashions come from. Tran though is now starting his own pimp factory, a john club, where unfortunately someone like Bill Maher will never get to be a member of as Jew Maher does not have that Indochinese suave.

Tran says his new club is more “elite” and more expensive than Snctm.
“It’s what Snctm should’ve been,” he said. “Ninety percent of Snctm guests won’t make it, even if they applied.”

I wonder in all of this in God's cup of wrath. Just what drop is going to fill the cup. We have the Clintons going pedo from Pizzagate to Lolita Express. We have John Brennan tearing down the government for the deep state. We have Peter Fonda fantasizing about the Homeland Director naked, beaten and raped in a cage and throwing Barron Trump into a pedo cage to be raped too. Then there is Bill Maher in the John Club. I would have thought the cup of wrath would have hit the brim with Birther Hussein the terror dope lord, but maybe God has a deep cup.

As I am normal, these creatures all above are nauseatingly disgusting. There are seared souls, neurosis, psychosis and just things in writing this that I cringe in having this post created on my laptop, so I would not want to be in the same room with any of them.

I just wonder How long oh Lord, because the above examples are a Caligula society which is dying as shame has left the soul and the heart no longer fears that there is a God.

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