Friday, July 20, 2018

An Adulterer and a Mistress

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I always wonder what it is that makes a woman spread her legs, destroy her reputation and career on the crap shoot of trading up to a philander. It always ends bad and it always ends.

Take Don jr., an adulterer, who has poor taste in mistresses, dumped his faithful wife, and disrupted five children's lives, and now a FOX chic with big thighs is wrapping around him, and her getting fired and then hired onto Team Trump, in campaigning for more non Conservatives.

Reports of “The Five” co-host being shown the door swirled for hours on Friday as Fox News publicists remained mum. Late in the day, a Fox News spokesperson emailed reporters a short statement: “FOX News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”
HuffPost’s Yashar Ali reported that, according to three sources, Guilfoyle did not leave Fox News voluntarily. He added that a fourth source close to Guilfoyle, 49, and Trump Jr., 40, said the departure was her decision. HuffPost also reported that Guilfoyle’s team is in “separation negotiations now.”

So Guilifoyle gets Don's cock, a reduced pay job in being like that tramp Katie Walsh, and as she is an old broad, she is not going to hook Don by getting knocked up, so the paycheck is not going to be a divorce settlement.

It is all disgusting to me, and moral people would have the red warning lights going off in never getting involved in a situation like this as having cock candy, and him not dragging you down with a wedding ring and kids, just reveals more about the woman than it does Don jr. as you know with his weird face if he never had a billionaire old man in the White House, Guilifoyle would be romping around with whatever she has been romping around for 29 years.

Don jr. could have been President, now he has the prize of an old woman on the downward slide.

That is the shart of the deal.