Friday, July 20, 2018

Will Jewry usher in the anti Christ

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It is an interesting note as civilizations collide that in Moscow, the Jewish mafia is in intrigue with Vladimir Putin. That the same Jewish mafia with the Kushners has been in the White House, and Gary Cohn wrote the rapine tax codes for President Trump, and in Europe, the new leader, can not say and do enough as a "right wing" leader, but to appease the Jews.

Sebastian Kurz, has been knocking the stuffing out of Turkey, much to their fury in calling for a war against the Cross by the Crescent, and in the Mideast, Kurz with his government meet with Jews in power, but refuse to meet with the Philistine peoples.

The Austrian government is issuing statements as if it was Tel Aviv which was it's capital.

The concerns of Israel have to be taken seriously. Austria is unconditionally committed to the security of Israel and its citizens. 2/3

In a series of tweets, Kurz went out of his way to try to link a violent event in Vienna to anti Semitism, while assuring Jews in Austria that this minority would be absolutely protected.

2h2 hours ago
Ich bin auch Landeshauptfrau Johanna Mikl-Leitner sehr dankbar dafür, dass sie das Thema mit Sorgfalt und höchster Sensibilität gegenüber unserer jüdischen Gemeinde behandelt. 3/3
Sebastian Kurz
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2h2 hours ago

I am also very grateful to Provincial Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner for treating the issue # Shafts with care and sensitivity to our Jewish community. 3.3

2h2 hours ago
Wir tun als jedenfalls alles dafür, damit jüdisches Leben in in Sicherheit möglich ist und kämpfen entschieden gegen jede Form von . 2/3

Sebastian Kurz
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26m26 minutes ago

In any case, as #Bundesregierung, we do our utmost to ensure that Jewish life in # Austria is possible in safety and to fight decisively against any form of anti-Semitism. 2.3
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2h2 hours ago
Vielen Dank an die , die heute bei dem Vorfall in Wien in der schnell gehandelt und den Täter verhaftet hat, der auch einen Mann mit Kippa angegriffen hat. Ein möglicher antisemitischer Hintergrund wird derzeit von den zuständigen Behörden geprüft. 1/3
Sebastian Kurz

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2h2 hours ago

Many thanks to the #Policei, who acted fast today in the incident in Vienna in the # Taborstraße and arrested the offender, who also attacked a man with Kippa. A possible antisemitic background is currently being examined by the competent authorities. 3.1

 Kurz went on an early offensive in calling for nuclear disarmament, and linking it to Israeli defense, without disarming the Jews. That is a most fascinating global position, as without nuclear weapons, America and Russia would elevate Europe to equal status as a superpower. This is most adept policy for Sebastian Kurz to promote European power.

Jul 16
Besonders für die notwendige nukleare oder eine friedliche Lösung des -Konflikts unter Wahrung der Sicherheitsinteressen Israels ist die verstärkte Zusammenarbeit der beiden Supermächte und unabdingbar. 2/2

Especially for the necessary nuclear disarmament or a peaceful solution to the # Syrian conflict, while safeguarding the security interests of Israel, the increased cooperation of the two superpowers #USA and #Russland is indispensable. 2.2

Even the back door or the controlling gate of Egypt on both the Israeli and Libyan front came under scrutiny early by Sebastian Kurz. There is not a stone being left unturned by this unique politician who crosses every T.


  Jul 6
I just had a very good conversation w my friend FM Sameh of . We discussed our excellent bilateral relations and our common goal to enhance our economic cooperation. We are also very grateful to Egypt for their important role in fighting illegal .
 It comes down to the question with all of these Jewish adviser and pro Jewish positions by the three major powers, will the Biblical anti Christ arise due to the carte blanche which Jewry is affording the Europeans now.

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