Friday, July 13, 2018

Another Brier Patch Adventure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

So TL and I decided to splurge for fast food and entered the fast food place, with a quite a few people in there, and we were confronted by a wall of black, also known as the black storm trooper cop outfits which are in vogue now, and I happened to point out to TL with a 'What the hell is that haircut?", probably too loud as one in a chicken shit dark brown khaki uniform was getting a soda.
I swear I have never seen anything this stupid in my life on a cop, and TL told me that was the FARVA haircut from Super Troopers.
Why in hell any highway patrol would deliberately cut their hair to look like a moron, is only trumped by who in the hell would hire a moron who cuts their hair that way.


So the story continues in the......and yes the trupe looked like Farva too, not kidding.

So the trupes got their corner booth and no one is sitting beside them. As the alternative was the asshole relatives who would not sell me my great grandpas place after saying they would, I told TL we should sit by the cops as no one else would. So we did.

Ok now we get into psychology, as Farva had with him the boys in black, and I swear they looked more stupid than Ralphie from Christmas Story in one had low ears. Again I sat there thinking, "Who in the hell hires people like this who are pure asstards in they look stupid and just are penis mirrors.

So tard one and tard two are sitting on one side of the booth and Farva is on the other, and I am being myself in having a good time as why have a bad time, and I tune into Farva telling this story to tard 1 and 2.

"Yeah I pulled up and this vehicle was in the road, so I had my red lights on, and I got on my speaker and told him to move.........(at this point Farva laughs as this is funny to Farva) .........and then I got out and directed traffic".

There was zero funny about this story so I did not get what the joke was. Now that I think about it, maybe the car in the road was a local cop and Farva was getting off bullying the guy or something, as the more I looked a glaring Farva, as he came out of the crapper, this trupe just had too much tude in looking at everyone like they are a problem he is going to solve with red lights and a bullet, because no one likes this prick.
That is the point in this, as the moment Farva left, tard 1 and 2, immediately got into a delightful conversation and started smiling at each other like they were gay school girls. It made sense why they were on the same side of the table, as they did not like Farva with his weirdo hair and preferred their low ear kind.

I swear there were some really stupid looking people in that place. Like a couple who looked like they reproduced their children for Duck Dynasty on the back of a motorcycle, and they were more intelligent looking than these state employees.

About this time the asshole relatives TL said, they really were not a happy couple. On the contrary in most cases I am doing my weird comedy with TL and TL and I are laughing.

 So we left and TL says,  "Now we can get out of here before they are done and be out in the county before anything happens", as it seems as of late all I see are cops. I prefer a town and highways where you see a cop never, and yet it seems in the warm weather all I see are these black ninja all moving about like things coming out of their holes.

I keep harping about these standards in police hirings, how the forms are producing these culls and the people hiring are hiring these creatures who no one would hire. Sure it is because they have attitude to intimidate like Farva, but the tards do not like them and are off having low ear conversations amongst themselves.

I just had a creepy feeling in the aura on Farva, that was one individual who did not belong having a gun or the power to pull people over. There is a vast difference between intimidation and service. That is why when we had our stare down, I knew he was not pleased that we were not intimidated in having cowered off in some corner like the other lemmings, and chose the table beside them, as that is what triggers in them, they expect the lambs to sit at far tables so they can assess them and ponder why those people are afraid and feel guilty. I got no guilt and there is nothing ever to fear when you know an outcome can be arrest or your getting shot. It is the unknown that is troubling.

It was though another adventure in the Brier Patch. Interesting to watch the low ear hires not liking the Farva hair cut hires, and Farva liking he intimidates the low ears boys, and they huddle together across the table and are only happy when Farva is off pissing down the drain.