Saturday, July 21, 2018

Donald Trump Feckless Failure After Helsinki

 No, no, no, arming Ukrainian Nazi's is a good thing
as it brings a Russian first strike on America
just like Jeb and Hilary wanted....

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Donald Trump had an absolute triumph at Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, and then his PentaJew (The Pentagon and Jewish financial interests with the Intelligence Community) put Trump on a leash back in America, where Mr. Trump proved to Vladimir Putin that Mr. Trump is not an honest broker, and now has cemented in the Russian policy of nuclear war with America.

For those who dislike the facts of this, you have all your FOX flavored disinformation leading you to vaporization, so go drink the Trump koolade as what you read here is where the world is going now without any stopping this war. All there is left is if Chancellor Sebastian Kurz can stop it from vaporizing eastern Europe by creating his own Pan Europa Army, and leaving NATO as an American invention, so the Russian American nuclear conflict will scorch the Mideast and the United States proper.

As Mr. Kurz and Mr. Putin have forged a working relationship, it points to as this blog stated that the coming nuclear battlefront between the United States and Russia, will be in the Mideast at the Iranian flashpoint, with the Russian military now active with their new super weapons which have first strike purpose in obliterating the United States Navy and all Air Bases in the Mideast.
There is a reason the Russians are stationing in the Caspian Sea as when President Trump's DIA moves in the Mideast, the Russian response will be swift and total in complete humiliation of the United States.

That is what Trump's clarification has generated in blaming Russia over the fake Russiagate. Russia is not going to wait around and be the next Syria or Libya.

Days after Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putin's 'super ...

Days after Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putin's ... the Russian Defence Ministry aired Hollywood-style footage of many of the new weapons Putin unveiled in March ...

 The first strike force in the Russian arsenal is localized obliteration of American assets, and if America escalates then will come the crippling attack upon the United States with the Avangard.

On Thursday, the Russian Defence Ministry aired Hollywood-style footage of many of the new weapons Putin unveiled in March being tested or in action.
It showed a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet taking off from an airfield carrying the new Kinjal hypersonic missile and then launching it while airborne.
MiG-31 jets which patrol the Caspian Sea have been armed with the Kinjal since April, the Interfax news agency reported.
The ministry also said it was preparing to conduct flight tests of a new nuclear-powered cruise missile, the Burevestnik or Storm Petrel.
The first footage of a live launch of the Avangard hypersonic missile, which Moscow says boasts “a glider maneuvering warhead,” was also aired along with a clip of the heavy Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile.

And in another blunder by Donald Trump trusting in his PentaJew counsel, his response is to army John McCain's Nazis in Ukraine. Yes this is ignorant strategy to start a war, as Russia will crush Ukraine in hours, NATO has zero strength to retaliate and remember that Obama and Mr. President sent almost thee entire American tank inventory to Poland, so it will be easy for Russia if it deems it necessary to nuclear pollute all of those tanks by making them radioactive if the few remaining American zealots in Europe desire a nuclear war with Russia.

In a Shot Across the Bow to Russia and Putin, Trump Administration Sends $200 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

These are the facts and war is escalating. When it should have been peace with Russia as the time line this blog constructed, it is now a matter that Donald Trump in ignorance has ignored Sebastian Kurz who is moving to remove the American problem for European soil, as Donald Trump has not been leader enough to stop what the Intelligence Community was generated in a Russian war, which America will lose.
America can not win a double front projection war with Russia and China in conventional weapons and the Eurasian powers are geared to a nuclear fight with America. Mutually Assured Destruction is MAD and it still obliterates America as it cripples Moscow and China.

This is where Sebastian Kurz arises as the Protector of Europe. Mr. Trump has now advanced the Kurz position to remove the United States from Europe, and Germany was already moving in that direction. Europeans do not want to be vaporized for Donald Trump on the PentaJew leash. I know this is novel in Europeans actually not wanting to be mass murdered in a war they have no interest in, but those are the facts, and in this world, Donald Trump has just wrecked his position, Sebastian Kurz is rising in power and Vladimir Putin is the chess player advancing the Russian National position.

Merkel's 'defence minister' now wants to expel USA from ...

Merkel's 'defence minister' now wants to ... is calling for the Americans and their partners to get out. ... In this new environment, American bases in Germany ...

Still waiting for you rich people to prove you have some Christian ethic in donating, as everything which I tried to stop has now been subverted and the original time line has been re established, and Donald Trump has set America up for epic humiliation.

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