Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Anti-Trump

Notice there is no president on the wall after Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a complete information black out on President Sebastian Kurz of the European Union, and Chancellor of Austria, and the reasoning of this is telling, because as Donald Trump shunned a Putin Summit in Austria, and has not yet met with this world leader, Mr. Kurz was a guest in America in a meeting more secretive than the Bilderburgs, in the Schmidt Gathering at Montana.

This is Eric Schmidt of Google NSA deep state, and who should appear by passing the White House, for California to meet with #NeverTrumper, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. Sebastian Kurz has been trolling Trump since Trump could not comprehend the future tense of where Sebastian Kurz leads.
Sebastian  Kurz is the potential super power leader who will make Trump Tower and the world quake at his leadership.

Chat in villa
18.07.2018 12:34
Kurz is completely private with Schwarzenegger

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz took a seat on the couch of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his visit to the US state of California. While chatting in the villa of the 70-year-old, the two got to know each other even better. Kurz: "It was nice to meet one of the very big Austrians, the former governor of California and movie star, in the USA."

Kurz has been visiting the US since Monday. On Tuesday he met Schwarzenegger - the focus of the conversation with the ex-governor was the fight against climate change and environmental initiatives during the Austrian EU Council Presidency.

In addition, the Chancellor will take part in a conference organized by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in Montana annually with key global decision-makers.

Schwarzenegger's last meeting with Kurz was in Vienna in mid-May this year on the occasion of the Austria World Summit.

The photo alone presents it all. Donald Trump ignored thee most important man in Europe and soon the world and that man just pissed on that President by being photographed with him missing from the wall with a #NeverTrumper.

You are witnessing at this moment the anti Trump. For those who remember this blog counseled President Trump to not overlook Sebastian Kurz, but of course with zero Christian influence of Holy Ghost Inspiration in the Trump White House and the last decade view of the world, Mr. Trump is vacuous to the rising star who will eclipse him.

Sebastian Kurz entered America, ignored the White House, and Washington DC, to appear with the real group representing world power in Montana, and Mr. President was not invited and unaware of the meeting.

Donald Trump's DIA is a handicap as much as Jehu's military was in his ignorance, which Shalmaneser III put a leash on this Israelite king. The conflict is historical in the Assyrians who are Germans with the Americans who are the Samarian Israelites as God utilized them to chastise a sodomite, baby killing nation.

The story was not Trump in Helsinki nor his being feckless in fawning over the American intelligence state afterwards. The story is Sebastian Kurz came to America and disregarded the Donald Trump who by passed him.

Sebastian Kurz has been making every correct move to Europe to the Charlemagne Empire come alive again. He has studied the struggle and will not make the mistakes others have made.

The German proverb says it all in some one is already late.

'Fϋnf Minuten vor der Zeit ist die deutsche Pünktlichkeit'