Thursday, July 12, 2018

Du hast Mich, Nicht

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children and my brats, I have had a hard life, an impossible past years and utter disappointment the past few weeks, but whose heart can not be lifted up, when Europe is on the rise, securing her prominence and authority, from death wounds of the past.

Revelation 13:3

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 

I have renewed hope, for who could not have renewed hope with a Prophesied anti Christ to appear to bring  about a new order and set things to glorious new heights again.
It is a lovely thing that trade wars bring real wars, and this time there are billions for fodder and actual weapons which can mass destruct billions into fodder.

Trade war worries drag world stocks lower, yuan steadies ...

World stocks were dragged lower on Wednesday by growing anxiety ahead of Washington's end of week deadline to impose ... Trade war worries drag world stocks lower, ...

The Jehu American, he really does drive furiously, and who can not behold that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.  It seems an odd  thing that in the past three world wars, it was America which was the catalyst which set off the spark. The 7 Years War of the 1700's was the French and Indian War which started the first global war due to America in the mix as a colonial power. Then there was Woodrow Wilson who drove America into World War I for profit promises from European bankers, and in World War II, Franklin Roosevelt could not terrorize Japan enough to get them to bomb Pearl Harbor for more American catalyst in starting global war.
Yes this time the Biblical signs are there, that another great Eurasian War is budding and who could not be happy about that, as the police state and financiers have lusted for such a war, as how can they hide the trillions they have looted without a war to incinerate all the records.

I could not be more pleased, as I think of all those creatures who have stolen from me, have lived in luxury as I suffered from the crumbs off the rich man's table as dogs licked my wounds, who I will get to see perish in horrific ways. I think of George Washington's Prophecy of America being scorched earth, only to be saved by Christ as the world gathers against America, and little cottages spring up afterwards in a new peaceful golden age, and salve my disappoints in being lied to, cheated, stolen from, spoken ill of and harassed, that the old ways will return in massive wars where bones will litter the landscape and I can be like in Hamlet holding up the skull of mine enemies and say, "Oh poor Urich, I knew him well".

Of course an anti Christ trying to pop out of Europa's womb, with thee Americans once again fathering the world situation for such a global war, means great earthquakes, Wormwood, great plagues, great wars and great calamity which will have people hiding in caves and curled up in fetal position.
I believe my great tribulation will be one of a light upon us, for I have suffered in this time already, but for those who have wronged me, thee entire sky will fall upon them, and their worm will not die.

In patience, I though have not retaliated as I am not about to get into trouble. I wait upon the Lord's avenging Angel as all Christians do, but I amuse myself with what is coming, as I know Scripture states their ashes will be under the soles of my feet. It has taken far too long and I have had a most unpleasant week, but the signs are that things are changing, and it is more amusing to me that no one sees it, no one knows it, and no one has written about it. God has truly blinded the fold and daily I observe new steps in what was Prophesied to come.

It is not a matter that God is going to get any of you wretches, but the destroyer arising to accomplish it's name from the pit. How can not one be pleased that after Birther Hussein shattered global stability, that the Americans now are trying to glue the shards back together, but the shards have a mind of their own.

President Trump Gives Germany a Tongue-Lashing at NATO for Being ‘70% Controlled by Russian Natural Gas’: We’re Protecting Germany from Russia and Germany’s Giving Russia Billions; Head of the Pipeline Company is Germany’s Former Chancellor; ‘INAPPROPRIATE!’ [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

If one looks through the archives of this blog, the Lame Cherry has advocated peace. It has promoted peace in a Russian American Christian defense of the east and the west. The Lame Cherry called for a central European buffer, and now in Sebastian Kurz, and equal to Putin and Trump, there has arisen a leader of far vision and grounded historical proven past, to make this a peace which Russia and America will not fight a WMD war, but it will be left to the Asians to fodder themselves. Kurz with the good offices of the Vatican can be the protector of Europe, North Africa and the Mideast. Mr. Trump must stop being a petrol pimp in trying to make Europeans gas whores to America after being gas whores of Russia, but Europe must cross the Mediterranean and secure Libya for the return of illegal invader Muslims, and secure Libyan oil and gas for funding such an operation, whereby Europe will have her own energy fields as Russia and America have.

Our goal remains a joint European solution with orderly protection of thee exterior borders and centers in third countries. That way we can also preserve a Europe without internal borders.

Sebastian Kurz

Sebastian Kurz is absolutely correct. It is only in his leadership, which he must bring an adult's diplomacy to Libya in which the children of Italy and France have been in intrigue disrupting Libya for their own good, which after Obama and Clinton has left Libya in Benghazi peril.

The Reich must return to central European prominence and in the coming year you will begin to understand the struggle of the greatest European leader of the 20th century in his vision and genius, in attempting to liberate Europeans from their enslavement and genocide, in now a Kurz National Federation is the only answer for the security of Europe and to keep America and Russia from nuclear holocaust.

Thee old Reich gave internal freedom and demonstrated strength on the outside, while the Republic, shows weakness outside, and represses it's citizens internally.
In both cases, one conditions the other; the powerful National State needs fewer laws within in consequence of the greater love and attachment of it's Citizens; thee international slave state can only hold it's subjects to their slave labor by force. For it is one of the present regime's most shameless impertinences to speak of "free citizens". Only thee old Germany  possessed such Citizens. The Republic is a slave colony of foreign countries and has no citizens, but at best subjects.

Adolf Hitler

Perhaps the astute in reading the above can begin to understand the political genius of the above author in why all of you have been told never to read his struggle, as in the original German, one begins to see that all he struggled against is the world which is imploding today.

Donald Trump is no Adolf Hitler and he is not an anti Christ, but he read the book and he knows the policies which will liberate the world or enslave the world. Whether you read the book or not, you are about to see the unfolding of events in the struggle on a global scale and the Lord Willing, you are going to be plunged into the Revelation of Prophetic events which appear to be rising.

Donald Trump Admits There's A Lot Of Great Ideas In Mein ...

AMERICAN presidential hopeful Donald Trump has admitted to drawing on the measured and reasoned writings of Adolf Hilter's manifesto Mein Kampf in an effort to find a solution to the 'Muslim problem'.

As I have stated, I am delighted as my purpose was to fill in on the silent places of Scripture and now the Scripture appears very close to be something all can read and experience. I hope this is the time as the Two Witnesses should appear in time and they can carry the torch to lighten the darkness.

My focus is on the return of the Lord Christ, as I have no part in this world. You have robbed me, cheated me, lied about me, left me homeless and murdered my animals and plants, but there is a time coming and the signs are beginning to appear that the time line is in motion, so in noting it, the astute will ponder the events in quiet, keep prudently silent and watch for the events to unfold. I have waited a very long time for this time and it is my hope that thee Americans will engage in peace with Russia and Europe, and this time stay in their ocean fortress as the winds of war have begun to blow.

We will all see if the time of the compressed events unfold rapidly as the pressure of this has been building for such a very long time.

Nuff Said

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