Thursday, July 12, 2018

Miracle Cure Follow UP

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As I type this, it has been 10 days since I ended the 5 day protocol of using turpentine according to published prescription. I followed up with a Monday and Friday dose in the next week, and I have began as of today a second 5 day protocol.

My personal observations of the effects of this have been positive. There are certains in this now as I have been off allergy medication in Claritin for two weeks and I have not taken any Advil in this period either.

What I have concluded is turpentine in being ingested before breakfast, and then followed by food, cleaned out the bad bacteria and fungus in my stomach and intestines. This took about 3 days. What is also a side effect is the turpentine cleaned out whatever was inflaming my sinus, since I was a child.
With all the pollen in the air, and cold spells, I should have had headaches several times. It came close, but the sinus drained instead.

It was noted that turpentine cleared up joint pain. I have not been sitting in chairs, but doing my normal heavy labor, and in all of this the weak spots in my back, hip and other joints have not hurt. I knew these sore spots were food related in sugar ingestion, but at this point the joints and sinus cleared up sooner than the intestines.

My gums are better in less throbbing and that symptom disappeared. My vision is clearing too.

I feel better, lighter.

I had a manifestation of the candida on my nose. Three sort of pimples, one was bleeding and this has stopped and has cleared up. Still working on the other two, as the reason for the second 5 day protocol.

I have not been saintly in this, in last week I had soda three days. I also had a reaction in itching on my shins and head in some Chex mix it seems. This is not turpentine related, but it shows that I am off allergy medicines with very few side effects. I do believe I am getting better in the underlying causes of all of this is these parasite critters, whether fungal, bacteria, virus or whatever.
I do believe that for most sickness and aging, it is these bad fellow travelers which are infecting the human body. Good diet does keep them at bay, but it does not get rid of them, the way turpentine is cleaning out my system.

I have not had any adversely bad effects. Some discomfort in intestines at the start , but I have had irritable bowel for years, so I do believe that it will take a bit to get this body free and clear of the critters hiding in it yet. When I drank pop, my mind was screaming MORE. I did this because I think I can fool that chit to coming out, and then hitting it with turpentine kills it. I have no cravings now.

I can report that things taste more salty and more sweet now. I do not know if my tongue pealed or if it is a matter the candida coating disappearing.
I also did not have any massive die off. As stated I had been on apple cider vinegar, clay and other good foods for some time, and was off pop. I did start using fake sugar and it helped.

Considering all I suffered before and the few symptoms I had the past week, the turpentine has made a difference for the healthy good.

I placed these experiences here, because I read things online and you hear things like those health salesmen on Coast to Coast and you wonder if it is legitimate, especially as it always costs a fortune. I paid 10 bucks for a quart of real turpentine at the hardware store. I took it and I am still here. I think the clay helps in absorbing die off for symptoms, but otherwise one teaspoon a day for 5 days in 3 sugar cubes each day is not hundreds of dollars which I could not afford, as a doctor visit here now is 180 bucks a trip. Geez Louise!

I plan on finishing the 5 days, and then seeing how it goes on twice a week for the foreseeable future, as maintenance as I want this stuff knocked out of my system. It is pleasant to not be taking 3 to 10 advil a day. I like not having bad headaches and I like having my joints feeling like they are not tearing loose.

For those who know me, this should help knowing that this was not BS. I am as I get things straightened out by God's Grace going to recommend this to some people I know here. I doubt they will try it, as I waited until I had some real problems which forced me to try this, or to the point TL insisted I give it a try.

TL has had like experiences which has us believing that some candida eats sugar as in my case and some east carbs as in TL's experience. I think my brother has a booze candida as he feeds on beer as a food group.

Both of us though for the most part have not had cravings as before in our problems foods, which points to whatever was triggering in our brains is not triggering anymore in the things is dead.

I am not telling people to try this, but in my experience, I intend to stock up on some turpentine in case it disappears in these things that work.

Nuff Said

Addendum July 4th:

I wrote the above on July 2nd and felt wonderful. Slight problem in burger food gave both TL and I the shits on the 2nd. I had something going on yet on the 3rd, when I got lambasted by what I think was pesticide the farmers were spraying. TL has had problems with phlegm, but I got a whopper of a headache.
None of this is turpentine related, but people were getting sick in taking advil with turpentine, so the warning was not to take it 2 HOURS BEFORE OR AFTER THE TURPENTINE. As I am the human guinea pig in this, I was really sick in a splitting sinus headache, my intestines always shut down in this, and as of about 2 o'clock I had one high fever that I felt like Vesuvius going off.  I took and advil then with some milk as I always do. We had no AC, just fans in the heat, and I started getting better once the fever was under control.
I took an additional advil at 5 am in being up with the Puntz.

I had no adverse reactions in this, as I think the problem was people were puking, but you should never be taking meds  with turpentine. I had no problems in the 15 hours span of the two, and I took the teaspoon dose this morning without any problems, as my head felt well enough to keep at it on day 3.

This should help people, because most information is everything going right, but sometimes people get sprayed with some farm chemicals and you get a reaction. The turpentine though was not the fault and I feel fine in having taken it again.