Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Exlcusive: Obama Shops For New Wife In Kenya

 I am Mandela White and have come to Africa
 to get me another wife in true African tradition.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The image of Birther Hussein Obama in a rather Nelson Mandela look of greying Obama, returned to Barack Hussein Obama Sr's roots to not only attack President Donald Trump over not starting nuclear World War III with Russia, but the apparent real motive is Obama clone is shopping around for a new wife.

It is little wonder in shemale Michelle is off in Paris, watching her adoptive daughter take full loads of British semen into her nethers all over Beyonce concerts, as this Queen Malia just can not get enough of British banking.
I forget the sperm donors  name, but he is a chum of Harry who likes the dark meat in that Cromagnon that the Queen is just gaga over as a zoo pet to entertain her, but it is like Farquarson or something and his old man is loaded enough to send him as an MI6 agent to attend Harvard to court the elder adoptive Obama daughter so England will not only have one quadroon in the palace, but a  spare to show off at the mens' club.

It is as the old saying goes on the plantation, "Black is beautiful, Tan is more, but Mama spreads her legs as a White man's whore".
Michelle had to make something of her bisexual male and is still living on the cheap end. Malia will marry up to millions of dollars and her own exhibit at Piccadilly Circus.

This though is not about Malia trading up to White man, but about image Obama going back  to his birth abstract father's homeland, where Obama without wedding ring, as Michelle and the girls have dumped the clone, has found himself a simply juicy full blooded African woman.

See she is very happy to be on the clone courting list.

See, here is Obama without the wedding ring, showing he is full courting mode.

See no wedding ring as Michelle has dumped Obama and he is looking for his Muslim harem and has a fetching new on on the leash.

See here is the next wife, upset that Obama is gazing off at some young boys dancing for him as she knows she can not compete with dancing boys.

What is really intriguing though is Obama took along a new body man in Reggie Love. The problem is that the homosexual image of Obama looks a great deal like the voodoo witch doctor, who was giving potions to Hillary Clinton in making her faint and cough up lungs and things in 2016  when everyone thought she was dying.

Amazing is it not, the resemblance, as some would say they all look alike, but this one looks like Obama sent in his voodoo to knock of Hillary Clinton and in the end, image Obama rewarded his male lover with a post as his new body man.

So this has been a whirlwind week of revelations in Malia has returned to her British roots as a sort of Harry slurpy seconds for a British chum of Hars. Michelle is in Paris attending Beyonce concerts not shaving her arm pits in French fashion. image Obama is in Africa demanding nuclear war start with  Russia, as he moves onto Kenya to court a new wife in Obama Sr. fashion, as he keeps his homosexual lovers close to him, in which one of them looks  like a voodoo witch doctor who was giving poison potions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

So many exclusives and still waiting for that big millionaire donor to do the Christian thing and make that big donation.

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