Thursday, July 26, 2018

Facebook without the NSA Funding

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35 years ago began the ending of Mockingbird International in the pulling of CIA funding of network overseas bureaus which were spy networks and funded all the networks for profits.

During the Obama tenure, Obama cut off all CIA funding to local television stations which caused them to go bankrupt. They were later refunded when they began promoting sodomite agendas.

As the internet expanded, the CIA and NSA created a complete surveillance network on the world wide web. MySpace was tanked, in favor of a more streamlined surveillance platform known as Facebook, with the search engine of Google monitoring most of the internet with Yahoo, as the founders of the internet disappeared like Protege.

Obama caused a huge money dump for his economic gains into technical stocks. This is what produced the fortunes of Facebook in the artificial manipulation of stocks for a regime asset.

With Facebook's stocks being tanked, it is a reality that Mark Zuckerberg in his actual conduit platform of bot driven news and Russian propaganda, has now become a target of the CIA and NSA, as the sell option was activated in mass, and this platform of the deep state had a shot across her bow.
That stock plunge is proof that Zuckerberg is an asstard and was a prop for the deep state in data mining.

Facebook Stock Tanks on Privacy Costs, Slowing Revenue Growth ...

Facebook stock plummeted in after hours trading, wiping out as much as $123 billion in market cap and costing Mark Zuckerberg $16.8 billion.

The reality is now that the wind has changed in a new dimension is being ushered in. Facebook has zero hard assets like a Coca Cola or US Steel. It is all electric and without fake bots driving fake millions of profiles to generate revenue, with the NSA money pumping into Wall Street, Facebook is an illusion.

It is evident in this that the DIA struck Facebook with absolute results. For all of the pretense of people now caring that Twitter and Facebook are censoring people on the right, as why is it no one cared when Facebook stole my account, used my account to generate bot traffic, but refused to ever reply to any inquiries, there is a reality that someone in the DIA harvested billions out of Facebook accounts in a massive sell off and is moving that money into a new venue.

What is of interest in housing sales falling as much as prices, with the reality that China has been dumping US property, that something is taking place and it looks a great deal like a preparation for war.

Enjoy deadbeat donors.

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