Thursday, July 26, 2018


While I pondered bleak and bleary of my own sublime
I ventured thought for which I brought
That I was the force in Trumpentime.

What is a leader in a president
I ventured thought to be that it should be me
Trumpentime is a force that should be rent

Oh to the day to get away with our overthrow in crime
To be in power on endless hour
We are now the force in Trumpentime

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will first point out that the Lame Cherry agrees that Rod Rosenstein and about 5000 other appointed despots beginning with Jeff Sessions and John Roberts need to be mass impeached, as this will provide the insight as to who most of the frauds are in the GOP.

I ask you donor deadbeats to remember though Webter Griffin Tarpley's deep state agenda which he kindly revealed on Jeff Rense in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, in the move was to make the Republican part a third rate right wing Green Party, and to split the Democratic party into a Socialist and Communist party, which would rule America, as that is all you would  get to vote for.

That is what Donald Trump has signed onto for the DIA. His ruining Conservatives like Judge Roy Moore for a baby butcher to his making certain a Rhino was elected to the GOP in South Dakota by using a Trump chairman as a 3rd party wedge in that state against a right wing woman, is par for the Trump course.
Donald Trump will lead  the Sodomite Socialists of America, while Hillary Clinton in 2020 will lead the Marxists.

Just like ending Roy Moore, the coming midterms are being scaled back so the GOP will not be able to do anything in Congress to further cement Obama policy. That is what Brett Kavanaugh is about is upholding the laws of the Obamaland.

Jim Jordan if he unseats the fraud Ryan will be blamed for election defeat in the GOP moved too far right, and then he will lead a minority party as Nancy Pelosi will be majority leader impeaching Trump.

This impeachment of Rod Rosenstein will be used as a platform to blame Conservatives for this, and all of this should be obvious in what is being plotted again and what is coming.

For all the Trump clappers who are being taken advantage of in being told everything is Trump Gold he touches, suffer the consequences of your not donating and hiding as you are being told the facts again and watching the marginalizing of Conservatives to the Barry Goldwater defeat of 1964 AD in the year of our Lord.

It is a clever ruse and has been in the works for sometime as the genius of Web Tarpley revealed. I do feel sorry for Webster because my featuring his insider information that everyone else missed, has sort of had him in hiding as he has been quite quiet, for years now, as this was the major overthrow of America which he made public.

All of this is disgusting to me as I am the only doing the work, pointing out the facts, and a few people are left to donate while the rest of you who do have piles of cash sit on your asses again as keyboard commandos, expecting it all for free.

Impeach Rod Rosenstein and Trump will have another Rod Rosenstein appointed as that is what this diversion is all about. It keeps the liberals and right wingers distracted on Russiagate while the real agenda of cementing Obama as Trump 3.0 policies into America. You do notice that all of Trump's promises have disappeared now from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

There is no MAGA.
There was no tax reform for you.
Rationed Death still exists and is being enforced.
Gas prices has skyrocketed as your oil is sold to Europe.
Russian relations are a disaster for a coming war.
The EU is now a US competitor.
China with North Korea has neutralized US policy.
Greater Jew policy for an Iranian war with US humiliation is progressing.

If you asstards care to open your eyes these are the exact policies which Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would have inflicted on America. You did notice Bush fam has stopped attacking Donald Trump, and praised Trump for nominating their pleeb Brett Kavanaugh to cement Obamanism into America.

All of this disgusts me like it being put to me that I am not enough of a Cherry to be sold my Grandpa's place by my degenerate uncle, but he will  leave it to his con man son and grandson who play everyone and are not even here, as he stole my idea just like most of you steal content here, as he now wants his child abandonment whoring ass to have a legacy. Bullshit to that as there is a new prayer in this era and I do not work for free and I do not get my work stolen.

Go enjoy your Trumpentime solace of you are the good guys and you think you are being backed for victory.