Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hillary Clinton Decomposing

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Forget for a moment that the widow of Steve Jobs is off getting black cock up her nethers as being a sponsor of Ozzyfest somehow makes you an old bag interviewer to present old hag Hillary to children as one of their own.

Jobs and the Pet

I am not interested in Hillary Clinton looking like she was in a hospital gown, but instead the medical realities of this woman, because after a huge amount of make up, one can still see this woman is decomposing.


People will remember how rotund Hamrod was in 2016, but in the above one can see this woman has lost a great deal of body fat. She can not even hide the huge bags under eyes. There is something about her "whiteness" and her continual presentation of herself in winter clothing in the heat of summer.
She simply has a problem being outdoors in the sun and she is not generating enough heat to keep warm. Her metabolism is not generating enough energy for her to keep warm and the reality is in this weight loss is her body is consuming fat in order to survive as she is not taking in enough nutrients.
Whatever the reason there are some damning signs of more problems  for Hillary Clinton.

It was not her gown, but her shoes which exposed a major problem.

The above reveals that Hillary Clinton has on heavy stockings, but that her ankles are swollen. In her condition that is a heart problem in fluid build up. The type of shoe points to swollen feet and their elastic type means she has problem getting shoes on and off, with the added reality that she is still unsteady on her feet and is falling down. That is what these shoes point to.

The color psychologically point to a "tiredness" in her being.

It was the photo below which was the most alarming, as Hamrod has some major discoloration in her skin. This is non warranted bruising, meaning her circulation is insufficient and blood is not circulating as it should.  Again this is heart related and points to a condition of "thickening" of the blood.

There is just as much wrong with Hillary Clinton as the women who cling to her, as you know what a dying old woman looks like under the make up and Hillary Clinton can have her baby blood transfusions and ass fat injections to her face, but this woman has aged beyond her years. She has degraded a great deal since 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

The reality is Hillary Clinton is decomposing. Her body is implementing a way to end the burden in creating blood clots for a fast exit to retaining water to over work the heart and kidneys to produce a coma state of death.

The photos do not lie.

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