Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Story of Immigration

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The following account is a typical one of a German family in coming to America.

In August 1912, two brothers named Edward and Wilhelm Wegner left Katherinestadt Russia, for the United States.
Edward's family was his wife and four small children aged 8 to 1 years of age.
Wilhelm's family consisted of his wife Dorthea, pregnant with child and a son.

The 9 Germans boarded a boat on the Volga to Saratov, and then went by train to Berlin.

In Berlin, Dorthea birthed a son named John. The party of 10 now went by train to Bremmerhaven, and boarded a ship to Antwerp Belgium, and then to Ellis Island, New York.

At Ellis Island, they turned Dorthea away with an eye infection, and the group then boarded a freighter as they were almost broke, back across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands, and then crossed over to South America, where they were admitted in Argentina.

In Argentina they worked on a beef and wheat farm, to raise money to try to immigrate to America again. Wilhelm with his family went to Cuba where they were stranded. Edward not hearing from his brother, assumed he was in America, and boarded ship, where Wilhelm, who had been checking every ship met them at the dock in Havana, where they were almost out of money.

As a last chance, they sent Dorthy, Wilhelm's neice, as his "wife" with him to America again, where they hoped to reach Billings Montana, gain support from relative there, and bring the rest of the family stranded in Cuba to America.

Money was obtained in Montana, and Wilhelm's wife Dorthea, and their two sons immigrated to America.

Edward upon learning it was cheaper and easier to enter America through Mexico, they boarded a ship to Vera Cruz, and took a train to Laredo, Mexico. Upon reaching Laredo, a son developed an eye condition and was held  back. Wilhelmina the wife gave birth to another son, and two weeks later they were released from Mexico and on December 13th, 1913 AD in the year of our Lord they were all in Billings Montana.

This is how Americans came to America. It was hard. It was impossible. It was not a Lutheran Social Services freebies to Jesuits and Muslims.

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