Monday, July 30, 2018

In Spiritual War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Jew Werner Klemperer of Hogan's Heroes never had any good lines, compared to John Banner or Leon Askins, who played Schultz and Burkhalter. The one which Klink was allowed to use two times was, "Oh you fool", and he hit the mark with that line in perfect lilt.

 In Spiritual war with the spiritual, satan and it's minions do not just roll over and quit. They are as go for the throat as always, and when TL and I went to check on that bastard uncle who screwed us over, I had hoped to find him dead with blowflies as a Trapper, I could read sign and I knew something was wrong.

The signs this time were his pickup was not moved or in the garage, and his light was not on as I can see his lamp in the living room through the window. Unfortunately though he was not dead, but was alive enough to be a weapons of satan as he attacked about a medical condition I am healing from in asking about that and then like a skunk eating shit, refused to bring up what I already knew that he had betrayed me in not selling me the place.
Instead he hinted at his daughters were coming on Labor Day, as she liked it here. Yeah I don't have a house and those two self centered divorced rich bitches with mansions are looking over my grazing rights. There were other hints dropped about things that I refused to bite on and the pending disaster that the neighbor getting the fall out mowed off two rows of trees we planted which was the last straw yesterday, but the fool tool of satan handed me his life.

See I always warn people that your mouth opens doors in what you speak, and this prick looking for that elderly, "Oh you are not going to die" affirmation, dropped that he was going to the geezer home this fall, if he did not die first. and then the fool, had to say, I am going down hill fast.

Well why don't you just buy a ticket to Pyongyang and have Kim Jong Un fire a mortar at your carcass there as those are the weapons which were necessary to bless his words and send this old adulterer straight to hell.

Look this is Spiritual war against spiritual evil. He has left me for dead, inflicted on TL and myself and his brood has stolen from me being poor. They have zero pity about my afflictions and conditions which I will be delivered from, so the same law they condemned me by is the same law they are all going to going tits up over.

Your enemies will always tell you what they are thinking and give you openings. satan uses the same murderous openings against every Christian when they open their mouth speaking harm to themselves. In this case, I have everything from his body was shot, to his going to geezerville to start this off, and now he offered up his own curse in his health is deteriorating rapidly and he is going to die before geezerville.

Sure there have been setbacks and disappoints me this war, as his doctor daughter appeared.....yeah practicing medicine on him when she is not licensed here and handing out meds, which I conclude she needs to have her license revoked and spend some years in prison, but that is for Angels to work out.....but she appeared and dosed him with pain killers on prescription. Listening to his week history, he went to a funeral, did not feel good enough to stick around, and wakes up stiff, takes his pill and away he goes.

Translation in that is she put him on one pill, and I think he is dosing 3 a day now. He is stiff, because the fool is out moving around more now, so he is wearing those crippled joints out faster, which mean more pain pills that he will stroke out on, and finally, his vehicle sits by the house and so does the lawnmower, which he drives around the place......meaning he is still coyote bait walking and feels it, but is so doped up he can not stop killing himself.

Last I checked, he was home again and all the lights off after a dinner he had to attend, so he is back to nipple sky views on the agenda. I was going to pray the medications away in effect, but hey if doctor daughter the felon and him want to stroke him out, my hands are not involved in this, as this is all God in prayers and we all know none of this stuff works as Christians are mocked about trusting in God.

I am going out to name some weeds after him and the brood of vipers and cut them off, just like Jesus did that fig tree. Nobody steals my ideas and dreams and leaves me for dead, while inflicting on TL and is ever going to get away with it.

He spoke the words of doom, freely and willingly, by his master satan as satan culls it's own in time like sides of beef. That is what a Spiritual War looks like in satan attacks and the fools offer themselves up for fodder, grinning at you like skunks eating shit, because they think they are pulling things over on stupid you again, and you are agreeing to your destruction when they are professing their own.

Dig the hole Werner as you just said your sun is set.