Monday, July 30, 2018

Game, Trump and Match

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald  Trump does not have the luxury of being wrong as he prisses around with this DIA CIA distraction of WWE theater of Russiagate to divert the attentions of the People when it comes to Chanellor and United Europe President Sebastian Kurz.

For those who do not comprehend the reality of Sebastian Kurz, he just became leader of a people in greater number than the United States in 320 million souls, who are a White Race, and President Vladimir Putin comes to see Sebastian Kurz.

Donald Trump without Christian counsel and  stuck with his Penta - Jew advisers of the war industry wed to the banking industry has missed the greatest opportunity of his life when Chancellor Kurz offered the good offices of Vienna for the Trump Putin summit.

The Lame Cherry is about to explain something to you that only this blog can and why I am here, why I have been moved  by God to be featuring Germanics here for the past few years, and why this blog was moved to invest a great deal of space in the Austrian warriors of World War II in Joseph Allerberger. Most of you are too dense to see what is coming and have no idea what appears here is for reason from God. I am by God's Grace and existential experience about inform you of the problem America just created by Trump not having Christian counsel.

I know Germans intimately. I have written of them. They are a good, moral and generous people. They also look upon people who have lived among them 20 years a the "new neighbors". They are a people with a memory. They never forget a slight and they base everything in familiar ties. In conversation they always are searching for basis to comprehend who you are in who you know and who you are related to. Be related to the right person and doors open. Be related to someone who did something objectionable a lifetime ago and that door will never open.

When Sebastian Kurz opened the door of Vienna for Donald Trump to utilized with Vladimir Putin and the Americans rebuffed that and went to Helsinki, that is a slight the German will NEVER forget nor forgive.
For those who missed it, immediately after Donald Trump rebuffed the Chancellor who is the 22nd century European, Kurz came to America for a global meeting by Google Schmidt in Montana, and posed with Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger knowing that behind the Governor who is a #NeverTrumper, that Trump's picture is not there and only the American flag as the presidency ends with Obama.

For those who think this is small potatoes in who is Kurz and Arnold is a has been. You are being told that Sebastian Kurz is the future if he holds to his destiny and Donald Trump is going to have to deal with this Chancellor on the Chancellor's global terms.
Sebastian Kurz has been quickly moving to a new open Europe with secure borders. He has been moving for a European armed force. He is consolidating power and is in the process of projecting European power of the old Emperors. Put it this way, take away NATO as Mr. Trump is operating in a decade old order of Europe which is being swept away in Merkel, Macron and May, and America is out of Europe and out of military assets, and a Russian European trading partnerships arises, with Sebastian Kurz in charge of North Africa and the Mideast.

Remember Chancellor Kurz posing with the picture of Trump out of the picture. He was sending a message while standing in America with the #NeverTrumpers as he was going to Montana in meeting with the real global powers of technology, and Sebastian Kurz never bothered to ask for a White House meeting or to even contact the President's office.

That does not look like a small potato. That looks like a leader who is moving to superpower status, and a leader who does not need a migrant infested, debt ridden, nazi conglomerate state bent on genociding her Germanic peoples.

It all goes back to Donald Drumpf, in that German Scot, who in New York arrogance forgot like Jehu what Germans are. Sebastian Kurz is an Assyrian who are Germans from antiquity. Americans are Israelites. Assyrians conquered thee Americans, skinned them alive, butchered them, cut  the pregnant women open and led  them away with hooks to captivity.
When Sebastian Kurz rose to power quickly, the press mocked him as the boy politician. It did not take long before these idiots in the press soon began to comprehend this man in his greener days in his mastering them. Sebastian Kurz it is said NEVER forgets a slight and he always makes those who mock him pay. He is the most affable, pleasant, diplomatic person in meeting him, but he has an agenda and from nowhere he gained complete control of the Austrian Right, with his leftism, at the time being elected Chancellor of Austria he would become leader of the European Union.

..........and Donald Trump was too Penta Jew counseled to see what was appearing and Sebastian Kurz has moved right on by Mr. Trump.

So the players on the board are the Assyria German Sebastian Kurz. The Gothic Russ in Vladimir Putin and the Jehu Samarian of the northern kingdom in exile, Donald Trump. Make no mistake Donald Trump is thumper as much as Vladimir Putin is the skilled global diplomat, but Sebastian Kurz is someone the world has not seen in several generations and has no idea of his illuminated heritage. To put it plainly, Donald Trump read Mien Kampf and thought there were positive political directions in it to lead. Sebastian Kurz read the book and is implementing to perfection the that he is not struggling to be a leader like Donald  Trump, but Sebastian Kurz  is the leader.

If Sebastian Kurz continues on as the new Prince of Jewry, in the genius moves he is making on the chessboard, the world should witness someone who will eclipse Donald Trump and thee Americans.

We are clearly committed to our Judeo-Christian roots and will continue to defend them against any form of attack. It is our responsibility to protect and support life in safety and without restrictions in . 3/4

Donald Trump has been most foolish in he is not even on the board, is about to lose pieces and is so far out of position with his Penta Jew advisers that the games American play in self destruction and voter manipulation will be something they will not recover from politically.
Donald Trump is proving he is no match for Sebastian Kurz, as Mr. Trump walked by the panzer and did not recognize a leader who needed to be dealt with.

Everything this blog did in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord in writing the time line for Donald Trump to be president was thrown aside by Mr. President and most of you settled into your victory and believed the propaganda as Donald Trump sold  you out. It was supposed to be a Putin Trump peace to offset what was arising in Europe, and now if this arises in Europe, it will be a superpower, instead of having it's power bled off. The eagle's wings and the bear's legs will both be broken instead to the hurt of the Christian East and West, and for those who do not comprehend the above tweet, when the Europeans say Judeo Christian, they means Judeo Catholic, as Protestant and Orthodox are to be put to the pyre.

I would you could see the future where I live. I hear things in Sebastian Kurz in he is making every move perfectly. It leaves me in awe to be able to witness this from the genesis of the events and for him for being so open about what he is doing, as the world disregards him as Mr. Trump foolishly has, so it allows a venue for those who understand to witness what they have been looking for.

This is the Germans, the Israelite and the Assyrian. Mr. Drumpf has already lost and the Austria Assyrian is moving as fast as Alexander with the guile of Antiochos to establish himself. It is time for the New Order and Sebastian Kurz is sweeping away the old and Donald Trump is vacuous in how behind the times and out of position he has placed America.

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