Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ivanka Trump Offers You Her Nipples

I grew these tits so others could nurse your children......


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That liberal daughter of President Trump is at it again, and this time with RHINO GOPliters whose focus is Paid Family Leave. Yes you can leave your job for 12 weeks and be paid for it, if you are caring for a family member.

It always sounds like a great Ivanka idea, but the problem is in Ivanka's slave labor world of offshore employees in China and Africa, that it is the white collar employees who get the benefits, while the poor people get nothing.

Let me put it to you this way, most of you have money and have cable television. What would you think tomorrow if the screen went blank and said it was off 3 months, but you still had to pay for the service, plus you were being billed by another company to fill in for the missing 3 months of service. Would that sound like a good deal for you in your paying 15 months for television for 12 months?

That is what paid leave is, as someone has to pay for it, and if Donald Trump calls it federal then it is coming out of taxes of debt spending which you service the debt on. There are no freebies in this and each of you have probably already experienced with fury the people at work who are always "taking time off from work" to take their kid somewhere, and the boss never fills in, but you are stuck doing the work of two people to make up for the benefits someone else is receiving.

Hourly workers, who make up more than half of the US workforce and are disproportionately African-American and Latino, rarely see such benefits: Only 5 percent are estimated to have access to paid family leave.

That is Ivanka Trump world. Mrs. Kushner will never scrub the skid marks out of a toilet in her office, but will let the Mexican take off from work for 12 weeks, while she makes some White girl go in and scrub the shit, while still expecting the White girl to do all the other jobs she is already stuck doing when Ivanka is parading around with her 3 cherubs.

What is Paid Family Leave (PFL)? - TurboTax Support

Paid Family Leave (PFL) income is money you receive from your employer, an insurer, or the government while you are away from work for an

As stated, federal paid is federal income tax. State is state income tax and you are the one being billed. Nothing ever changes in this, in this will be another massive tax you will be stuck paying for your Beamer supervisors as you get to do the work of the Mexicans that get to go home and produce more babies.

Trump's budget to include paid family leave - CNNPolitics

Trump's budget will push for the creation of a federal paid family leave program that will provide families after the birth or adoption of a child with six weeks of paid leave

Trump for some reason thinks that people who earn 500,000 dollars a year are poor. I suppose he hears that from Ivanka in not being able to afford 12 pairs of 5000 dollar shoes.

Trump promised during the campaign that he would call for six weeks' maternity leave by extending unemployment insurance benefits to working mothers whose employers do not offer paid maternity leave.
He also suggested making child care expenses tax deductible for families earning less than $500,000 and called for establishing tax-free accounts to be used for child care and child enrichment activities.

It gets worse, because that dolt Marco Rubio is pushing for his parting of the waters in foisting this onto Social Security, where people will draw on their benefits they need to starve on when they retire for paid family leave.
This is equally stupid to Ivanka's plotting and actually more draconian, as it has poor people robbing themselves so they can die of starvation or not having meds when they are old.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and other Republicans that would provide up to 12 weeks of parental coverage worth around $1,175 a month, less than most state policies. It would be funded not by payroll taxes but by drawing from future Social Security, effectively delaying retirement for parents who dip into their savings.

If there was a way for people who want this, to pay for it, then by all means put it into the system, but no one in Trump's inflated economy can afford to pay for any of this after Obama. The fact is Donald Trump allowed oil barons to jack up fuel prices and that has destroyed the Trump recovery. A business simply can not have numbers of it's work force not at work, and forcing other workers to fill in for the absentees. That makes Ivanka Trump Kushner a liar and if business is plug and play, then she can get her ass out of the West Wing, and bring in a wet back to do her job, because in Ivanka world, all people are just parts and anyone can do the work.

If executed responsibly, paid family leave is targeted government action with the right incentives – designed to increase the independence, health and dignity of our citizens.

- Ivanka Trump Kushner.

The above is a damned lie as big as any Peter Strzok has been telling.  This is not about RESPONSIBLE EXECUTION, this is about business needing workers there to compete with Chinese slave labor so American products sell at market competition, and not bankrupt more American companies.

This is more Nazi Conglomerate economics from the fascist Ivanka Kushner, as this has not one damn thing to do with toddlers and mums. This has to do with that Rubio cash flowing into corporate coffers as that money will be spent to be amassed by them, and not take care of the bambino. All this does is make someone at work, work harder to give them more health problems as the business slows down and a chain reaction of greater inflation rocks the economy with another hit.

Like all things Trump, in his Gary Cohn tax cuts for the rich, this paid leave is for the rich as poor people can not afford to take paid leave, and if they do, their jobs will be enhanced to scrubbing out toilets and other shit jobs so they quit. This ever goes to the grubbers, it will mean that women will not be hired who are in that child care group as they are a bankrupter of businesses.

This country is not reeling bad enough, so Ivanka Kushner has to give it another shot of poison economics to destroy people's lives further.

A little bit of socialism is like a little bit of being run over by a freight train.

- Lame Cherry

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