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Put Your Christian Where Your Syria Is

We thank President Putin for saving and expanding the Christian communities of Syria


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 We're murdering twice as many Christians as Nero did, HURRAH!!!

Life could not be any better for Christians anywhere in the world, but Syria, thanks to President Bashar Assad, the savior of Christianity in Syria.  Yes this is the same President Assad that Jewess Ivanka Trump had her father bombing on fake chemical weapon's data. While the Kushner's, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and liberals were applauding the bombing of Syria, President Vladimir Putin and President Bashar Assad were saving Christian lives in the oldest settlements in the Mideast.

A NEW Syria is emerging from the rubble of war. In Homs, which Syrians once dubbed the “capital of the revolution” against President Bashar al-Assad, the Muslim quarter and commercial district still lie in ruins, but the Christian quarter is reviving. Churches have been lavishly restored; a large crucifix hangs over the main street. “Groom of Heaven”, proclaims a billboard featuring a photo of a Christian soldier killed in the seven-year conflict. In their sermons, Orthodox patriarchs praise Mr Assad for saving one of the world’s oldest Christian communities.

Syria has always been most protective and nurturing to the Christian communities in Syria as the Assad family were secular leaders and of benefit to all Syrians no matter their religion, but that all changed when the Saudi Sunni radicals began demanding bigger mosques and suddenly became conduits for Barack Hussein Obama to unleash a blood rampage all across the once peaceful Syrian nation.

What is of most noteworthy in this, as Americans have been seizing oil wells in Syria, which Obama had turned over to Kurds in what was termed ISIS to launder money to this Obama mafia, is that the real Syrians, not the Obama McCain terrorists, banded together in Christians, Shia and Alawites to liberate themselves from the draconian majority Sunni rule.
So when one hears of the Syrian "refugees" those are the Sunni radicals who rose up to destroy other religions, and were then driven out as the minorities in Syria, banded together and fought for their rights behind Bashar Assad.

Homs, like all of the cities recaptured by the government, now belongs mostly to Syria’s victorious minorities: Christians, Shias and Alawites (an esoteric offshoot of Shia Islam from which Mr Assad hails). These groups banded together against the rebels, who are nearly all Sunni, and chased them out of the cities. Sunni civilians, once a large majority, followed. More than half of the country’s population of 22m has been displaced—6.5m inside Syria and over 6m abroad. Most are Sunnis.

It should begin to make a bit more sense why suddenly in Syria, the war dead mattered and the displaced, because they were all connected to Saudi billions in the Sunni radicals who have been causing terrorism in every nation they have been funded into, including the United States.
The fact is the Christians in Syria want these terrorists punished and not protected by the United States.

The old city of Damascus, Syria’s capital, is an architectural testament to Sunni Islam. But the Iranian-backed Shia militias that fight for Mr Assad have expanded the city’s Shia quarter into Sunni and Jewish areas. Portraits of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, a Lebanese Shia militia, hang from Sunni mosques. Advertisements for Shia pilgrimages line the walls. In the capital’s new cafés revellers barely notice the jets overhead, bombing rebel-held suburbs. “I love those sounds,” says a Christian woman who works for the UN. Like other regime loyalists, she wants to see the “terrorists” punished.

The good times are back in Syria, for Christians and other minorities are reaping the rewards of their patriotism. Instead of having their heads chopped off, their women kidnapped, sold and  raped to Sunni cock and being enslaved to the dark ages, the new Syria of President Assad is rewarding his Civilian Militia with the properties of Sunni terrorists.
It is all quite fair, as President Assad offered re registration of property on loyalty to Syria. Those terrorists who refused to register their property now have had it dispersed legally to those Syrians who fought for their nation, and this means Christians benefiting from Law 10.
Christians are now operating former Sunni businesses successfully and living in Sunni housing making it their homes. It is a Syria where Christianity is being enriched and prospered like nowhere else on the planet.

Mr Assad, though, seems focused less on recovery than rewarding loyalists with property left behind by Sunnis. He has distributed thousands of empty homes to Shia militiamen. “Terrorists should forfeit their assets,” says a Christian businesswoman, who was given a plush café that belonged to the family of a Sunni defector. A new decree, called Law 10, legitimises the government’s seizure of such assets. Title-holders will forfeit their property if they fail to re-register it, a tough task for the millions who have fled the country.

Americans ask yourself, what have you as a Christian received from Donald Trump for voting for him? Have you gotten a house for free? Have you taken over ownership of one terrorist home or business to run for your profit? Have the people of Canada benefited under Justin Trudeau, the people of France under Macron, the people of England under May, the people of Germany under Merkel, received one thing as Christians, or is it the Muslims and Jesuits pouring in who get the government checks, the jobs, the housing deals from the banks? Of course it is the latter, and once again as Donald Trump does nothing in Christians persecuted in China or anywhere else in the world, but rails against Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad, that it is these two Christian protectors who have been the greatest protectors and advancement for Christians since Martin Luther in Germany and George Washington in the United States.

In case you missed it in this quote, now you know why Tel Aviv and Ivanka' Saudi adoring daddy have been so focused on Syria:

Shia militias that fight for Mr Assad have expanded the city’s Shia quarter into Sunni and Jewish areas.

Yes it was the terror Muslims and the merchant Jews who were losing their monopoly control over Christians, Shia and Alawites. That is what Americans are doing now in Syria illegally as they protect oil wells and Tel Aviv interests, because the feudal bankers and their merchants lost their slave class of Christians, because Bashar Assad made homeowners and business owners out of Christians all throughout Syria, just like President Andrew Jackson did in the Homestead Acts.

When is someone besides the Lame Cherry going to start asking that President Trump reward his Christians who voted for him and put him into the White House, just as President Assad of Syria has been generously rewarding his Christian Patriots.


Thank you for saving us Mr. President while Donald Trump was bombing us
for his Jewess daughter for Tel Aviv's attempt to annex Syria


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