Monday, July 23, 2018

New Donald Trump Reversals from David John Oates

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are Donald Trump reversals which are interesting in content in I missed the first one from David John Oates, but it indicated that someone higher up than Donald Trump sent him to the Putin meeting. He names the person  as "the officer".
He also calls the US intelligence communities as Nazi's in their being evil and it is the "file" that Trump saw.

Trump after meeting with Putin has concluded he is superior to Putin.

Officer sent me

Successful most successful - I chose the one

Strongest respect for our intelligence agencies - Nazi signals in file  (CIA is evil)

Money will be spent properly - Armageddon getting excited here

Great friendships in UK - Give a shit (Does not care about Britain)

Pipeline coming in from Russia - In the planet I'll be the one

We will have a military like none other - Let's fish said the whirlwind (Let's explore our energy together or is it explore war.)

We are looking for peace - Move our force

Amount of money being spent - Obama hear the night

Congratulate you on world cup - Kill Hillary

democrats want open borders - We love you better

Not very part on Syria, I do think on Iran keep the deal in place - In error

Because it is good for Russia but not good for the world - They believe it.

I was amazed at the media - They're slow

How partisan it is Peter Strzok - They believe said innocent

It could be somebody sitting on his bed hacking - The seat of my secret

It's probably China - Seal the dead

Russia is a foe, China is a foe - I win in your lawsuit

A  competitor - The minion they breathe

No one brought it up but me - I'll be the one

I am very consistent - They deserve their weed

Germany pays a fraction of what it should - Give thee shit

He is in charge of the country - My wolf said I'm the best

Putin's very close friend - They build his office