Monday, July 23, 2018

Here is Novel Policy on Security Clearance

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I know this is novel, but if you work at Disney as a Security Guard, at  the Las Vegas Casinos in security, or even your local Sheriff's office, the reality is the day you are not employed by them, is the day that your security clearance ends.

I mean, your old Sheriff or Deputies who worked there 20 years ago, just can't open up the jail and start rummaging around. You can't flash your old security badge at MGM Grande and get to spy on guests. You can't flip a badge at the Disney gate, and get to frisk Minnie Mouse all day.

That is what is so ludicrous of these federal police state employees, as for some unknown reason once they work for intelligence or security, they can Sandy Berger get into any place and start stealing files and get let off for it.

Maybe Donald Trump as President of the Executive, which is the Law Enforcement Division needs to sign an Executive Order stating that unless an individual has passed a security clearance, unless an individual is in actual employment of the United States Government as a registered intelligence or law enforcement agent, their security clearance immediately ends the day they are put on leave, retire, quit their job or are terminated.

This seems sort of a common sense way to fix this for the security of the United States, as for normal people if they quit a job, they know that their former employer does not allow them to be entering their building. So when John Brennan is no longer Director of the CIA, he should have ZERO security clearance even if he has seen the John Kennedy and UFO files, because for the security of the United States, the current group of agents can not have someone who is not in the chain of oversight and discipline being informed of classified information or reading it, as Brennan has proven it disrupts the continuity of Government which is a vital reality.

For the record, the Bush41 people did not sabotage the Clinton people. The Clinton people did not sabotage the Bush43  people. The Bush43 people did not sabotage the Obama people. This all changed under Obama in the professionalism of  Leon Panetta to Condi Rice did not engage in sabotage.
In  that era a Presidential Executive Order was unnecessary as these people could be trusted to not inflame terrorists or start World War IV by inciting a coup against a sitting President. The Obama fellow travelers though have proven absolutely untrustworthy as like Hillary Clinton they keep floating to the surface and politicizing the weaponized intelligence and security community of the United States Government.

This is President Donald Trump's Constitutional Authority. He is head of the Military, Intelligence and Law Enforcement. He can deny security access to all those who are not employed by the Government as policy.

So this falls to President Trump to deal with this personally as the leader of the United States. This is not something that has to be punted to Jeff Sessions or Christopher Wray. All the President has to do is sign the order and those not employed or on leave will have their security clearance revoked immediately.

The President has been negligent in the extreme in not having this accomplished already and his staff should be reprimanded for not having dealt with this issue, unless of course they all enjoyed this distraction so Mr. President would not have to fulfill all his promises in MAGA.

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