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Not Remaining Silent on War Crimes

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Even by today's 21st century callous depravity, we discover a constant drum beat in the "civilized side" of World War II, where the propaganda all states it was the Nazi and the Japanese who were the entire holders of the title "war criminals" as America, Soviet, Britain and England hanged the perpetrators of evil, there is though emerging in the memoirs of the surviving Germans a horrifying account of time and again examples of what the Russians were engaged in, in acts of crimes against humanity in World War II, as Franklin Roosevelt of America, Winston Churchill of Britain and Charles DeGaulle of France were all mute.

Behind this silence lies part of the reason for the creation of the holocaust myth, which arose from Albert Speer war production forced labor camps and were converted to death camps with immense gas chambers and cremation ovens, which have all been exposed as fiction.
The gas chambers were designed to fumigate typhus lice off of these infested ghetto dwellers and the use of cremation was to protect from the plague when these diseased humans died, which was compounded by allied bombing of supply trains and convoys, stopping food and medicines to the labor camps. Yes  America, Soviet and Britain created the death in the death camps, and then conveniently blamed the Nazi Reich to cover up their criminal acts, with the Ashkenaz Jewish press using it all as a cover for their homeland creation and since that time for the holocaust for profit museums and as the carte blanche for Jewry assassinating John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy of  the Kennedy's denying the Israeli state the atomic bomb, to the current IDF ISIS marriage of Jews and Muslim terrorists for Greater Israel.

In 1944 AD the year of our Lord, the German Reich was in a stubborn retreat from the Eastern Front. The Wehrmacht had suffered mass assassination of it's officer corp for years fom Russian snipers to the ghastly torture and butchery of German Soldiers who fell into the communist hands.
The following is an account from the memoirs of Joseph Allerberger, an Austrian Marksman of the Mountain Troops of one of the thousands of atrocities which were committed against Germans by the communists of Russia and their murderous allies in Eastern Europe. This is why Germany attacked the Soviet Union as Germany knew Stalin would attack them, and there was a death struggle taking place between National Socialism a Marxism as only one would survive. In this case, Hitler's National Socialism became American European Socialism after the war, and in Rothschild profit communism  flourished as America sustained it in World War II and elected Birther Hussein Obama in the 21st century as an epitaph to America.

Two replacement Marksmen appeared in 1944 among the Austrian Gebrigsjagers, one was employed in the sphere of Joseph Allerberger. The Marksman's first operation was to provide cover for a convoy of five trucks to trucks bringing up food and ammunition to the front.
At a deserted village, they were attacked by a group of "partisans" which would be code for Hungarian communists allied with the Soviet Union in being supplied by Russia, and therefore America. It was a violet firefight and as the communists were driven off, the remains of the dead were discovered to be several women.

Several days later there was another ambush near a sawmill which the Marksman was involved in. He was cut off from the Landsers, and soon enough was captured. The last the Landsers saw of him was he had surrendered with his rifle over his head where he was immediately kicked and punched.

The infantry rushed back to their lines and reported the incident, where upon 20 Landser reinforcements were ordered to attempt to effect a rescue, with Allerberger assigned as the Marksman.

The Germans soon arrived at the saw mill and discovered that the communists were still inside with a guard outside. They were within 50 meters and with that Allerberger killed the guard. A firefight broke out, but the communists were firing wildly and soon realized they were up against a combat unit and began withdrawing to the forest.
Allerberger and several Landsers entered the sawmill as he fight continued outside. There was an odd buzzing sound coming from a back room, and one of the Landsers entered and then reappeared stuttering and just pointing at the room.
They found the missing Marksman. The communists had used the mill's circular saw to cut off all of his limbs while he was alive. They kept him alive by applying tourniquets to the limbs above the cuts. What was left was the trunk of the teenager with the saw still spinning in his pelvis up to his navel.


Enraged the Landsers moved toward the fight, but discovered it had ended with only one survivor running away across a field at 350 meters. Allerberger knelt down, sat on his right calf leg, propped his elbow on the knee of his left, wrapped his sling around his arm, took steady aim, breathed three times and fired. The communist went down. Allerberger walked out to make certain this terrorist was dead, while the other Landsers went back to the bits of the dead Marksman on the saw.
Allerberger's shot was perfect at that distance in the bullet was driven between the shoulder blades.

The Landsers did not bury the body of the Marksman as it was simply too ghastly for them. When the commander wrote the teenager's family, he simply stated he had died instantly from a shot to the chest. German compassion for the family had hidden another story of war crimes, which the Soviet's had engaged in as thee American and British leadership colluded to keep these crimes from ever coming to light.

Even after all of these years and in the constant butchery of modern times, these stories still are horrific and are even more disturbing to know that Americans were lied to by their liberal politicians in all that was being done in America's name, with the ludicrous cover up story as in women being blamed for rape, because they deserved it.
The German people never did anything to have this kind of butchery waged against them. It is time that this communist butchery face with the secular Jewry which promoted it to have a generation of scorn, in the exact way the Germans have been castigated.

It is difficult to write of these things as it is nauseating and spirit disturbing. The Lame Cherry will  not remain silent.

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