Sunday, July 22, 2018

Saint Sebastian

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is official in Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been immortalized as Saint Tanguy of French Brittany

Saint Tanguy of Locmazhé, or Sant Tangi in Breton, (+ 594) was a Breton monk from Gerber (Le Relecq). He founded the abbaye de Saint Matthieu at Le Conquet and is buried at Locmazhé (Finistère). Saint Tanguy is celebrated on 19 November, the day after the festival of his sister Aude de Trémazan, or on 12 March, the same day as the festival of his spiritual father saint Pol Aurélien.

These are the Breton saints and how fitting it is that Sebastian Kurz is the image of a bonafied Church of Rome saint.

The Lame Cherry demands that as Barack Hussein Obama was given a Nobel Prize for doing nothing, that the Pater Pope immediately declare that Sebastian Kurz is Saint Sebastian, because his accomplishment exceeds Obama nothingness in Chancellor Kurz is the image of a saint of Rome.

This is Saint Tanguy's sister:

I don't get the Medusa hair or the snake by her nethers, but she was beheaded, so that even more reason to make Chancellor Kurz a saint, because he looks like the saint of Rome whose sister was beheaded.

It is time that Sebastian Kurz be canonized by Rome. It is time that he join the ranks of Charlemagne and Louis in being the patron saint of Europe, pax romanus and dogs, as dogs just love Sebastian Kurz. Let dogs be known as a Saint's best friend.


Saint Sebastian Kurz - Canem Susurro

The Pater Pope must deify the miracle of Sebastian Kurz born centuries later in the likeness of Saint Tanguy. Surely this is a sign of something great. Let November 19th be proclaimed St. Sebastian Day by Rome and let it join the other festivals joined by St. Pater of Rome, of Easter Day and the Christ Mass Day.