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Osa Johnson African Mensab

Asian African Explorer where men had not gone before, Osa Johnson


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Osa Helen Johnson

There is an interesting tale of Osa Johnson, the girl from Kansas, as she was about to enter the great 500 square mile lion cage of Africa to film and pursue lion who had not yet learned of motor cars or the fear of rifles, that on the morning of her departure, she called to her husband to come look at her idea that it would be a good thing to take chickens along on the 4 month trip as eggs would be nice.

The yard was filled with natives and chickens and soon enough for a small sum, a half dozen hens and a few roosters were lashed in cages to the top of her car and off they went to the roadless abyss of Africa with Osa in the lead.

They turned the chickens loose to feed, but soon found that the chickens were a bit more intelligent than the humans, as the chickens were soon returned and roosting as high as they could around the cars.

Osa though before leaving Nairobi, had another idea which was of greatest necessity in 3 overpacked vehicles which should have required six in a caravan.

 What beauty table would not be complete with her personal 95 Winchester

Her idea was that as they were going to be gone for four months that they might as well plant a garden in the wilderness. Her husband blew up over this and stated they were going to chase lion and not plant onions.
That comment and frustration only brought orders that the garden tools were to be packed as Osa was off to the Nairobi market to secure for them the garden seeds she desired.

The Mensab laying down the law to the porters.

About the Johnsons - Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of the Safari Museum® is to promote the legacy of Martin and Osa Johnson to the global community.

There garden was mentioned again as it flourished under her watchful eye in the wilderness. What was not mentioned was how with millions of hungry fodder feeding animals that they deemed it prudent to be planting a garden where on their first day they had to stop as thousands of stampeding zebra had stirred up so much dust they could not see, but the domestic side of a great adventure of exploring the kingdom of the great killer cats, was one which included laying hens and appropriate vegetables.

The Mensab laying down the law again for the cook with two wives

Women always were liberated long before Americans in the 1960's started whining about it. It was simply called work which their ancestors were pleased to be liberated from, and to have a home to lounge around in, instead of carrying hundreds of pound boxes in the heat for one's daily bread.

Liberated Ugandan women as porters for the Osa Safari

This is the life and times of Osa Johnson, the hunting feminist who has been censored from history as she was the foundation of all that was the woman's movement, and whether in a touring car, an airplane or the back of a zebra, she did it her way.