Monday, July 16, 2018

Thankful for Donald Trump in Peace with Russia

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It is no secret that I no longer trust Donald Trump and have castigated him for his positions on energy to his latest failure in a Supreme Court pick. In noting all of that, I come to the defense of the President as his diplomacy in the Helsinki Summit was outstanding for America, because in reading the nutsense of Ben Sassse to whatever else John McCain  is drooling, there is the major reality in this:

If Donald Trump had taken the advice of Anderson Cooper to John Brennan, the reaction of Russia would have been to engage the United States even more militarily and this would lead to nuclear world war three.

This has been on Donald Trump's mind in his objectives, as even the Daily Beast mockingly included that reality in their attacks upon President Trump.

Privately, Trump has a different explanation, one not based on self-reflection or fear. He has told—or spun—people that there are various benefits to forging warmer relations with Putin and Moscow. Among them, according to those who have spoken to President Trump, is a belief that he is standing in the way of others trying to “start World War III.” 

There are numbers of people in the Conglomerate Pentagon Financier structure who have been trying to ignite a massive two front war for America to fight. That is what HR McMaster was endlessly promoting in North Korea, and that is what the same John McCain faction was attempting to erupt in the Ukraine, which would have led to a Chinese and Russian war for America.

For the numbers in this, this dual front war would have exterminated most of eastern Europe and exterminated Koreans and Japanese as this is where these wars would have been fought with weapons of mass destruction. That would be around 200 million dead people, and as wars never are contained and progress, this would move to the soft targets of American, Russian and Chinese forward positions and with that many people dead, it would lead to American, Russian and Chinese cities being vaporized.

Donald Trump spoke honestly and honestly Vladimir Putin spoke honestly. For those in America who have forgotten that there were criminal operations by deep state interests which assassinated John Kennedy, framed Richard Nixon in Watergate, shot Ronald Reagan, and in the opposite installed Bill Clinton in a special counsel vote manipulation and conducted a 10 million vote flip from the GOP to Obama twice to install the Birther, are witnessing in these defenders of the intelligence state that Donald Trump was spot on in America and Russia are both to blame in their interested parties who both are conduits for these international slave traders have mass murdered, manipulated and mauled the world in world wars and lesser wars which no one wanted to fight.

Vladimir Putin has shown restraint in the assassination attempts and attacks upon Russia. Some of which President Trump was manipulated into in Syrian bombings. President Trump has shown great leadership in meeting with President Putin and more to the point, telling the world what every honest person knows in Robert Mueller was sent in to destroy American and Russian detente and that there are this nazi conglomerate group who want another world war. The reason is to hide all the swindled trillions which have been robbed from America.

It is disgusting to read the tweets of coup plotters in John Brennan and James Comey to use the sacred word PATRIOT as they are the antithesis of this American Title. We have heard nothing but sedition, treason and insurrection against President Donald Trump from this group, and Donald Trump has a mandate in his Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the United States from enemies within and without. In all honesty the Lame Cherry has posted that under the Treaty which Vladimir Putin has mentioned, that Russia should indict the Russiagate coup plotters who have carried out this Obama led war intrigue, and the United States Marshals should apprehend and extradite all of them to Moscow to face trial in Russia. That would put an end to this in the United States, as Jeff Sessions for the deep state can not find an arrest warrant for criminals, but instead allows Paul Manafort to be persecuted.

For the first time in a very long time, Donald Trump acted like an American President. He was a world leader on stage with the most accomplished world leader since Ronald Reagan in Vladimir Putin. The future the Lame Cherry advocates is for the President to engage the leadership of Sebastian Kurz of Europe to cement his permanent position in Europe, who has the position to bring about the peaceful settlement of Russia and America in Europe. The answer is an armed Europe, the end of NATO, and Europe to annex the oil of Libya. The key to the security of Russia and America is a 3rd super power to arise in Europe as a buffer between America and Russia, so that historical alliance will begin in cooperation again.

President Donald Trump is to be defended, supported and celebrated for his diplomacy with President Vladimir Putin. For once an American President did something for the normal people, who as in world war one and world war two did not want to fight a war in Eurasia. No one wants a war with Russia, and as Russia is not arming to fight a conventional war in Europe nor building an armada to invade America, the reality is no normal person wants world war three with Russia.

Americans might not have a country and are being replaced, but at least with peace with Russia, Americans will not have to add to the suffering, and for that Americans can be thankful to Donald Trump for that.

This meeting is 18 months overdue and the reason for that is warmongers who are now in treachery continuing the Russiagate farce and they should be apprehended as enemies of the state and enemies of peace.

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