Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pentagon decides to kill all US soldiers before war to end casualties

If I kill off all the US soldiers before the war,
I have reduced KIA's in war 100%.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well Secretary of Defense Mad Dong Mattis and President Donald Trump have revamped this homo army defending America, where soldiers can not throw a hand grenade, have done away with push ups and sit ups.

I particularly liked the reasoning of the army in stopping exercise:

The Army Combat Fitness Test [ACFT] will ignite a generational, cultural change in Army fitness and become a cornerstone of individual Soldier combat readiness,” Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, commander of the Army’s Center of Initial Military Training, said Monday. “It will reduce attrition and it will reduce musculoskeletal injuries and actually save, in the long run, the Army a heck of a lot of money.”

So Malcolm with the stars has figured out if you do not make people exercise, and they do not have to do anything, they will show up and take the pay check, with the added benefit if soldiers are fat lumps of lumpy fat, they won't have injuries which will cost the army money which is best served for buying generals booze.

But wait, Malcolm has another idea in he has replaced push ups and sit ups with this:

  • Three repetitions of an increasing strength deadlift with a proposed weight range of 120 to 420 pounds
  • Standing backward power throw of a 10-pound ball
  • Sprints, followed by dragging a 90-pound sled, and then hand-carrying two 40-pound kettlebell weights
  • As many leg tucks as they can do

So instead of conditioning soldiers, Donald Trump and Mad Dong, are going to make them lift 420 pounds.........three times.
Next they are going to make a fat lump twist around and throw a 10 pound ball.
Then we move on to making the fat lumps drag a 90 pound sled, and then carrying 80 pounds around.
Lastly, the soldiers will do leg tucks until they can no longer stand.

As I thought this was about saving bodies, the above routine, will tear out joints, pinch nerves in the back, cause heart attacks, and shatter knee joints, where in sometime the soldier will die of a heart attack.

To put it mildly, this Malcolm Frost needs his ass canned. This is thee most traitorous thing since Benedict Arnold. I mean if Frost was around in 1776, he would have killed off all the Minutemen or had them all in traction.

Donald Trump took an oath to protect and defend America. Turning the Obama fag army into fat asses, and then crippling them, is not holding up the Presidential end.

Someone really needs to ask besides this Lame Cherry blog, 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!"

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