Monday, July 30, 2018

Perhaps Future Justice Kavanaugh Is Not So Bad

Why Brett, you look like the Bush that swallowed the canary..

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 In a strange Way Back Machine experience online, somehow future headlines were being recorded for Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. The headlines were quite interesting and even Conservatives who had reservations about Kavanaugh were beginning to appreciate him on the Supreme Court.

Like this first headline which came upon on  a future date.

Here is a quote from the story in the Washington Post:

 Ruth and I were sitting down to tea and crumpets. I had just told her to not fill her tea cup too full as she might drown in the saucer, when I was called away for an important phone call for five minutes, and when I returned, I found Ruth drown in her tea. I of course immediately speed touched 911 and administered CPR, but alas Justice Ginsburg was gone and now she belongs to the ages.
I think Justice Breyer was not looking so well lately either.


 The unfortunate drowning pool.

Then there was this New York Times headline where Judge Stephen Breyer was having lunch with Brett Kavanaugh, where they had just ordered in some Bread Sticks with Elena Kagan, and in the lunch somehow a Kagan tampon got mixed in, and Justice Breyer eating it, immediately took a big gulp of Coca Cola, where upon it swelled up and asphyxiated him.

 This is the Washington Metro Police photo of the unfortunate tampon.

Then there was this Wolf Blitzer exclusive, where again Brett Kavanaugh was having lunch with Sonia Sotomeyer. Kavanaugh having a light Irish potato salad with iced tea, and Sotomeyer having a taco bowl salad with extra guacamole, with spring water, when suddenly she developed a severe reaction in having an attack of the taco salad.
Justice Kavanaugh reported that he did all he could for Sotomeyer, but the Mexican salad was something which could not be overcome.

This was the unfortunate last meal in the attack of the taco salad.

Then there was this one concerning Chief Justice John Roberts.

It was most interesting in a FOX News broadcast where it was revealed that Chief Justice John Roberts died suddenly while eating a banana, sent to him by Justice Kavanaugh in the Fruit of the Month Club, where Roberts had just picked up a bunch of bananas, picked one and a deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider leapt upon him, biting him, and killing him instantly.

 Phoneutria fera

Fortunately in this, President Donald Trump immediately appointed the Bush appointee of Brett Kavanaugh as Chief Justice with full approval of Mitch McConnell and Republicans.

In a historic first President Donald Trump appointed six Justices to the Supreme Court and one Chief Justice.

Good job Mr. Chief Justice, I knew you were the Bush man for the job.