Friday, July 13, 2018

Peter Strzok: The Face Of A Liar

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It pleasing to finally observe the subject, Peter Strzok, being forced out of hiding and into public, as it allows a forensic psychological examination of his person, which simply was not available previously in the street corner snap shots of the British Press.

What appeared were two Strzok's. The smirking arrogant Strzok with the shit eating grin before Congress which is important to sort out, and the other Strzok which reveals his true identity which will be the main focus here.

Strzok before Congress in threatening Congressman Louie Gohmert and bald face lying or taking the silent 5th with Trey Gowdy, revealed a psychological reality that Strzok has been told by higher ups that he is protected and probably is operating under immunity. That would come from Robert Mueller who is meddling in this again and Strzok responded in the same offensive manner as Rod Rosenstein, pointing to both of these subjects are arrogant, because who they really work for has told them to keep their mouths shut, and that they will be given cover, hence the smirks and arrogance, as they both believe they are above the law.

 This photo of Strzok before Congress is a tale of the two Strzok's. Note the open hands in a sign of he is circling the forces, a projection of message which he intends to send, but a fear even with all  the contempt he has for American oversight, that he smugly believes he will not face jail time, but he knows his reputation and career is over.

 That is the second Strzok who kept appearing, not before Congress. Note his drooping eyes with bags under them, his drooping mouth. He is losing weight from stress. He is not a happy camper. He does not go into the sun and is pale. Even shaven he has a shadow of discoloration about him in being worn.

Again it appears in the squinting eyes. This is not from cameras and lights. This is from a worn focus of a very tired mind, rehearsing a lie, which will be promoted as truth. Again, the fallen mouth, and the skin of his entire being hangs on him in stress.

This close up shows the deep groove wrinkles appearing in his face. Strzok has not smiled in a very long time and his countenance reveals that. His eyes are the eyes of a guilty man in sadness. He knows he has violated everything he purported to be, but the lie must continue on, or else he will not be protected by his protectors.
This is the face of the criminal who tried to frame someone in his white collar job and was caught as the criminal and now is being ordered to keep telling the lie as there is no other way out.

Strzok purses his lips a great deal. Again this is an expression of resignation. Strzok knows his personal life is over, his career is over and all has left is being a dog on a leash having sold his soul in a power trip that lost, and now he must rely on a high powered Jew attorney who looks like he came out of a Neanderthal cave (worst possible public relations choice for an attorney to represent you as it is menacing and puts the public off) to antagonize everyone, so the deep state protects him from prison.

Strzok is a very sad person. He is frustrated. There is anger in his eyes. There is a myriad of emotions surging in him that he is attempting to keep under control. His expression above is one if he ever has the opportunity to retaliate, he will make everyone pay.
Again this follows with the pursed lips and friendless outreach as he knows democrats will rally around him as their criminal whore, but they are not friends, and only prostituting him as long as he keeps the lie going.


Thee above though does provide a significant clue to Strzok's psychology and if you observe closely, he is leaning forward. This is a psychology of someone being held back in the moment, and doing all he can to force his way to an outcome. He is hunched back. Leading with his large nose, sullen, lips pursed, focused and worn as grooming is not helping him hide what is really taking place inside of Peter Strzok.

See the above is the 80% of Peter Strzok in the call girl for the deep state who knows he is owned. The other 20% surfaces in the apocalyptic expressions he projects into whenever he approaches Congress  who he has contempt for in oversight, but in Congress he knows the deep state is protecting him. He has to endure the public flogging of Republicans, but that produces the Rod Rosenstein arrogance where he knows he is untouchable as long as he keeps telling the lie.

Strzok for all his Minnesota macho liberal arrogance, still is the little boy who wants to run home and cry. Like Al Franken or Mark Dayton, they are tough when it comes to setting people up and grabbing women's tits, but when the push back comes, what appears is that same isolated miserable soul, who thought the ends justified the means to make the world right which hurt them, is now even more isolated as he is owned by the deep state and the nation he claimed to try and save has deemed him a pariah.

The last photo with Trey Gowdy in exchange is  the epitaph of Peter Strzok in all of this. Note the openness of Trey Gowdy. Gowdy's face is honest, open, his posture is open and his hand is holding the Truth preciously as his indictment of Strzok is true.

Note Strzok in his body is tucked in, in shame. His face wrinkled and furrowed as he knows what Gowdy is telling him is the Truth, but Strzok is protesting like the kid caught lying to his parents. These images do not lie and are not manipulated screen grabs. They are posted as a series as they capture the 80 20 of Peter Strzok in what is manifesting in him in forensic psychology.

Strzok is not sleeping. He is under extreme pressure. There are hints he is on some type of psychiatric medication for stress. This is one of the chief FBI investigators who chose to subvert the law for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump, colluding with James Comey and Andrew McCabe, while using Lisa Page as a cum dump, and now this law enforcement officer to save himself has chosen to go before Congress and America and lie for the further worsening of the image of the FBI.

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