Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Recording Donald John Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog informed all of you  that Donald Trump was involved with the Jewish mafia which his son in law is a part of, and his lawyer Michael Cohen is linked to the Russian Jewish mafia time and again.

One can speculate as to just why Michael Cohen violated client trust in recording Mr. Trump, but it is evident in recording CNN  deep state trolls in leaking the contents of payoffs to various pussy grab women, that Michael Cohen  knew he had the golden goose and was looking to profit off of it.

Most states allow this kind of invasion of privacy. New York where Cohen was conducting his recordings allows one party knowledge and as he knew, it was legal.

I am more interested in how many calls Jared  Kushner recorded and handed over to Mosaad for Benjamin Netanyahu to listen to.

What the Lame Cherry will tell you in exclusive matter anti matter is the heart of this. Donald Trump did not do anything legally wrong in campaign finance or cover up. What this is all about is the attempt to erode his Christian base so they do not support him, and it is working across the mid term elections.

With that said, my batter running down, enjoy your non donor insights as I wait for you big donors to appear and prove how Christian you are.

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