Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Trump North Korea Solution

Hey, Tillerson made me look incompetent, but Pompeo
makes me look feckless......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do not understand the ignorance of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when it comes to understanding North Korea. After the fan dance of Kim Jong Un, North Korea has exhibited thee exact negotiating tactics which all the Kim's have done since the cease fire negotiations of the 1950's.

Everything we have witnessed is the fact that Peking has been playing Trump all along. They put missiles outside Taiwan as a bluff, got a Kushner bribe invite to Marlargo in Florida, and from that Trump told Peking everything he was going to do, and in exchange for a summit which only benefited North Korea, North Korea got the US to stand down on several issues.
Someone might remember that the Lame Cherry told this President to get the missing dead US Soldiers back as a good will issue first, but Trump bit on a promise of nuclear disarmament and the United States is back to square one as North Korea is not going to deal with underlings and every time the US appears in lower echelon operatives, North Korea will yawn, waste time and make the US look feckless as they did Pompeo and a military delegation and Trump gets blamed.

All Donald Trump has now is threats of war in a war he can not fight as it will kill millions. He got a dufus hostage free and never got his foot in the North Korean door which is what this should have been about all along.

As the Lame Cherry is always willing to help all for the good of peace in the world, I offer these points now to Donald Trump, so he can stop looking feckless.

The first rule of negotiations is you do not place your position in someone else's actions. You take singular actions and make the other party react. In this, Donald Trump really needs to set up these dominoes.

Domino 1: Send Mike Pompeo to North Korea to meet the door man, and deliver a note stating the United States positions and that the President of the United States will be on the DMZ on October 1st to sign a peace treaty whether North Korea appears or not.

Domino 2: When North Korea does not sign the treaty, Donald Trump loads 500 neutron warheads into South Korea, and announces their deployment is in response to the North Korea nuclear program which is not being dismantled and for the security of the region.

Domino 3: Japan announces it is assembling 1500 hydrogen bombs in response to the growing situation in North Korea not disarming and China assuming an aggressive stance in the sea lane.

Domino 4:  Taiwan announces it has now 1000 supersonic nuclear cruise missiles for her self defense.

 President Trump goes completely silent from this point on, and when other nations begin to attempt contact, inform them that Donald Trump is out inspecting a potato field and it is not known when he will be able to return a call, but if it is a pressing issue, a Corporal Nonsense in the Japanese self defense forces is handling all questions on this issue, and the US State Department provides this number.

These Asians have chosen nuclear chess, so give them all the nuclear weapons they can desire.

One stops looking Trump feckless when you start becoming Sebastian Kurz arbitrarily moving the position and making your adversary react to you.

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