Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sebastian Kurz: The Trump Future

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The dynamic and vigorous leadership of European leader Sebastian Kurz in his first week has been phenomenal. Here is the diplomatic of the savvy Vladimir Putin and the vigorous drive in youth of Donald Trump in a man who is reshaping Europe on the God' creation plan for the world in 7 days.

Mr. Kurz in a few days upon taking power, produced his own security axis against immigrant invasion, and laid out for Europe a security united without borders, but a sovereign Europe.

His mere gaze upon London has sent shockwaves through 10 Downing as Theresa May's regime is in total collapse.

Brexit latest: Sebastian Kurz to meet Theresa May as he says ...

AUSTRIAN leader Sebastian Kurz has called for Brexit solutions from Britain but demanded the UK's historic EU vote "must be respected".

The resignation of Boris Johnson the arch conservative has proven that Kurz can topple the Queen's regime of MI6 May who undertook the meddling in the US elections and tried to criminalize Donald Trump and install Hillary Clinton.
This is awe inspiring headlines this week, in Sebastian Kurz has bitch slapped his axis partners into line for security and has now moved onto London in demanding a Kurz government of Nationalists is forming and throwing off the Queen's rule of subjects.

Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary as pressure builds on Theresa May's leader…
Boris Johnson has resigned, adding pressure on Theresa May over her handling of the Brexit negotiations. The Foreign Secretary became …

All of this began with Kurz making his first move on the world stage in liberating the German People from the Mad Cow, Angela Merkel. Kurz is driving hard in very strong support from conservative Bavarians and hosts of Germans across the Parliament. His gaze upon Germany collapsed the regime of Angela Merkel and it could not have come at an hour too late for the German Volk.

Merkel's Government Avoids Collapse Over Migrant Battle, at ...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel secured a two-week reprieve in her confrontation with her coalition partner, averting at least temporarily avoiding a collapse of her government over migrants.

In fact, Sebastian Kurz is a force risen from the volk, the people of Europe. He is moving on issues the peoples of Europe have demanded in having a Europe which served their needs, instead of being gang raped by foreign vermin while being spied upon by the police state.

Austria to send troops and armoured vehicles to border with ...

Austria has deployed armoured vehicles close to its border with Italy and ... border if necessary," said Sebastian Kurz, ... border security along Libya ...

It is time for the Saxon of Germany to annex themselves to Austrian leadership in harnessing the industrial might of the German state, and for the Anglo Saxon in finance to bring her full weight behind this Brexit Austrian who has given new meaning to a federalized Europe where it is one of freedom and not bondage to serve the elite few in their power centers of Rome, Athens, Madrid, Berlin, Copenhagen and London.

President Donald Trump, and the name is Drumpf in German origin, has now an advocate for Trump nationalism to  bring a renaissance to Europe, a Europe of First Lady Melania' Trump's Slovenian beauty and grace. It should be noted that after Mr. Kurz did his Twitter victory lap over 10 Downing that Donald Trump is scheduled soon enough to plant his flag upon London, and inform May and the Queen that their meddling has a price in attacking America in an act of war, and that price is the Conservatives shut out of London government will be the leadership who will implement true policies for the people, now that Sebastian Kurz is leading.

Given the Kurz Effect upon Europe, let it be said now that Sebastian Kurz must not be limited to a few months leading as European President, but he must be placed into a permanent position of leadership where his vision and vigor will raise Europe again from her Merkel, Macron and May dark ages. It is time that the German states begin aligning themselves to annexation by Austria and for the English patriot to stand up with British finance and bring an iron financial power to Sebastian Kurz.

The iron feet upon which this stands in German industrial might, British finance and Austrian leadership, all under the Vatican's uniting force is a purpose for this era in a true leader has finally appeared in Europe without equal in this time and hearkens back to the glory of Europe when their united front created empires of gold and a jeweled land.

 The future of Donald Trump is now in the ministrations of Sebastian Kurz. It is time for Mr. Kurz to accept a permanent leadership for the salvation of Europe, and as the diplomatic buffer between the United States and Russia.

Nuff Said.