Sunday, July 29, 2018

Thank you Kim Jong Un

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It disgusts me these war whores who have been stoking the fires of North Korean war in placing everything that North Korea does as some sinister thing as in the return of the dead bodies of US Soldiers. It is not enough that North Korea followed through on a promise, but now this war crowd is bitching about live Americans and North Korea sending animal bones before.

Trump may have been played by North Korea on MIA soldier remains

Kim Jong Un has to keep up pressure on the United States to keep his head and not end up like Khadaffi. Kim is under the same pressure that Trump is, as Donald made nice with Putin, got home, got spanked and had to come out and say he did not mean what he said in Helsinki.
No one of course makes records of that as the deep state is all honest and that is why the deep state is imploding in having lied to everyone in government.

President Trump received back the remains of some Americans which Pyonyang had refused for over 50 years. That is an accomplishment of note. He did this after firing McMaster in his nuclear nuttery and the sedate Tillerson. The things that are taking place with Pompeo show a lack of prowess on Trump's advisers again, and until America stops bitching about disarming North Korea as the holy grail, and begins the process of assuring North Korea that it will not be the next Syria, with a real peace agreement, Kim Jong Un will act in his own interests, and China's interests to protect his head.

The reason this Korean thing is falling flat is there are not cultural interchanges which should have been worked out in they can have Kayne  West concerts for peace and we can have Kim dancing girls. That is what Nixon did and that is the way it is done. For now be thankful Kim Jong Un is acting like a North Korean leader, and not like the propagandists in Washington DC fomenting nuclear war.

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