Sunday, July 29, 2018

Congratulations on the New Bundle of Joy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading that Remington was contracted with by the Army to build AR rifles for American allies. Remington was bought by the Trump supporter, I think he is in the White House now running Trump's mercenary army in the Mideast, so I don't suppose in the least why PentaJew, has somehow handed out a government contract to a Intel Jew in the Trump White House who ran Remington into the ground making shit products.

Remington Lands Army Ally Contract for 5.56 NATO Carbines

I really do not suppose in this fun post that you just caught the Lame Cherry exposed a MAJOR SCANDAL of insider influence now did you? Nor that the US is going to be shipping dung weapons to darkies which suck chit.

 Anyway that is Pentajew in they like John Brennan live by laws unto themselves, and this is about the new bundle of joy at the Richard and Stephanie house in a new Ruger AR, as pictured above as Ruger makes good firearms.

I always like hearing about other people's adventures in their getting stuff which they enjoy. Richard and Stephanie have gone through a great deal of faith trials the past years, and they inspire me a great deal in it always helps to hear of God's successes with other people, even when I am breathing fumes.

I had always wanted a Mini 14, but they do not give them away even on my pretty looks, so I window shop and enjoy the purchases of others as I had not paid a great deal of attention to the AR lines of various makers.
My brother actually built one which is all the fashion now, but when you have a coupon shopper like Stephanie, she can get things a heck of a lot cheaper than ordering parts and hammering things into place. That is the point in the Ruger firearms now in they have such advanced manufacturing that they are turning out bolt action and semi autos now which someone in a garage can not duplicate. The days of 98 Mausers being stripped down for cheap hunting rifles is gone as the 98's are more than a new Ruger.

Here are the specs.

  • Model Number: 8500
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • StockBlack Synthetic, Collapsible
  • Front SightAdjustable Post
  • Rear SightAdjustable Ruger® Rapid Deploy
  • Barrel Length16.10"
  • Thread Pattern1/2"-28
  • HandguardGlass-Filled Nylon
  • Twist1:8" RH
  • Capacity30
  • FinishType III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Height8"
  • Weight6.5 lb.
  • Overall Length 32.25" - 35.50"
  • Length of Pull 10.25" - 13.50"
  • Grooves6
  • Suggested Retail$799

Stephanie and Richard are both good shots. They started out with a Ruger 10 22, which is the very fine light rifle that Ruger has been churning out for what must be around 50 years now. I always wanted a Ruger #1 and their shotguns were always something I lusted after too.

What impressed me most about Rugers is the Winchesters always stung in shooting them. When I shot a Ruger though in 7mm mag, I looked at the owner of it and asked if it was an old 7 x 57 as it was a pussycat to shoot. He said it was a magnum and it was amazing in how pleasant it was to shoot. By contrast he had an old 30 40 Krag from the military which was sporterized and that damn thing kicked like hell.
I had a Model 70 Winchester in 06 that misbehaved like that too. Remingtons though behaved better, but they were heavy as clubs so they absorbed the recoil.

I know Richard and Stephanie will be most pleased with their new bundle of joy as they will be able to shoot that firearm forever and as they are built for the higher octane military rounds and not just the 223's, they can handle anything. Americans do need more cheap Russian ammo though and to end these embargoes on things, and that includes those Saiga's which were an affordable alternative unless Stephanie is doing the shopping and then the American models are the affordable ones.

Yes that is a fine deer, hog and yote killer. Perhaps Richard someday will prowl around the mesquite with Stephanie, and when not being stepped on by Mexicans, call in a bobcat and have a nice ornament for the back of their lounge chair. They have really pretty cats out in Arizona, the high dollar kind with white bellies and the clear dark spots on them.
Sorry those are my dreams and I don't need to be giving Richard more assignments to do in my dreamed up adventures as I am content that the coyotes are shitting on the neighbor's drive 2 miles from here, only hogs we have are in the corporate confinement and only cats are the ones clawing me in the yard thinking I am a play toy.

Yes congratulations on the new bundle of joy, and  the Ruger people are top quality too unlike Remington which will not answer emails.