Monday, July 9, 2018

The Cable Guys

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The problem with American comedy is that it has lost all of it's German clever expressions in the witt and wisdom of these lost tribe Israelites immigrating to America, who created the foundation of what being an American is, from Christmas trees to their hard work ethic.

The Landsers of World War II on the Russian Front had many caustic phrases as Officer's Mattress, which was a humorous reference to local women who allowed themselves to be bedded by Reich officers for the mutual benefit of both.

The 3rd Gebrigsjagers 144 arrival on the Russian Front in 1943 AD in the year of our Lord, had their officer taking on a very pretty Ukrainian woman named Olga, who was a great favorite of the troops as she was quite a mattress for any officer to sleep upon.

In the memoirs of Joseph Allerberger, there was an account though at the end of the war in the SS appearing at the front, and arresting all sorts of people. German Soldiers were arrested for not having their papers, when papers had been impossible to be issued in the chaos of retreat. Locals were arrested and women like Olga found themselves denounced as spies and were taken away.
Taken away is not quite exact as the Soldiers were taken away and shot outside of camp and civilians were put into the back of a truck, a cable tied around their neck, an SS officer would slap the top of the roof and the screams of the civilians would become the gasps of people being strangled to death, hung from trees.

There was great frustration in the Landsers when Olga was taken. It was to the extent that the SS produced weapons and told the Landsers that they would be shot if they did not disperse. It was a spectacle though of Olga that all witnessed in her being hunt with several other condemned men as the SS was cleaning up the Reich in an obscene act of blaming the loss of the war on spies and traitors, instead of the necessity of supplies to the German Soldiers.
Sometimes one wonders just how many communist sympathizers like Martin Bormann were helping the Kremlin in the defeat of Germany and working against Adolf Hitler as America by FDR supplied the butchers and rapists of the Soviet Union.

Olga pleaded for her officer to save her. Even to her end she scanned the crowd looking for him, but he had a wife at home, and was not going to jeopardize that situation by challenging the SS for a Ukrainian woman he had been using for sex for two years.

This is one of the hidden realities of World War II, in how the SS went absolutely berserk against Germans and imagined enemies in a scorched earth which found many victims. If not for Joseph Allerberger's memoirs we would not have an account of what was taking place before the German surrender in 1945 AD in the year of our Lord.

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