Monday, July 9, 2018

The Miracle Cure

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I have been suffering from candida and other problems for years and came across a cure using turpentine. This is my experience and observations using this natural substance.

The following are personal popular girl observations of utilizing turpentine, real turpentine, as a therapy against candida and parasites in the body, for system regulation.

I will note that I did not do any additional preparation for taking turpentine, even as I had candida symptoms. I stopped drinking soda, but still had some sugar intake. I was though already eating wholesome and taking bentonite clay to help absorb toxins.


Day One:

Before breakfast, put 1/2 teaspoon of turpentine onto two stacked sugar cubes. Turpentine only soaked into first one. Chewed both.
Ate breakfast of, 1 slice homemade sourdough bread, one egg fried in olive oil, 1 slice of bacon, 1 cup of Lipton tea and one 16 ounce glass of water with 1 teaspoon of clay.

Symptoms: Tongue and gum were numb feeling for a few minutes where the turpentine made most contact. Then it became a tingling pleasant sensation. Still present in that area by three hours later.
Burping turpentine taste about 5 times, but is lessening to almost nil after 3 hours.
It is thought that the tingling and numbness is contact with candida in neutralizing it.

Went for a two mile walk.


English Muffin, Apple, 16 ounces of water.

Symptoms: Continued burping of turpentine. Noticed odd flavor on tongue.


Brat on a bun, potatoe salad, cole slaw.
Desert: Diabetic rhubarb cake with whipped cream.

Symptoms: Turpentine burps ceased. Feeling a weakness and a slight sensation in small intestine.


Pringles chips, saltine crackers with colby cheese, and several club crackers.
Sun tea with peach flavoring.

Symptoms: Gas discomfort in lower intestine.

Day Two

Before breakfast, 1/2 teaspoon turpentine on two sugar cubes. I chewed them more than necessary. Taste was particularly strong on right side today. Today no numbness and only slight tingle on tongue.
Less burping in intense taste. Slight lower abdominal discomfort. Slight nausea. Seem to have duel feeling taking place of tiredness and lethargy, but more energy and mind feels alert.
Tongue or mouth has taste in it which is slight. Not metallic as in irritable bowel, but something associate with the large intestine. Is not unpleasant, but is off.
Bowel movement more vigorous.

Breakfast, 1 fried egg, 1 slice sourdough, 1 slice bacon. 16 ounce glass of water with 1 teaspoon clay and 1 cup black tea.

Thoughts: As I am only administering half dose due to my lifelong problem with intestinal issues, the turpentine seems to have cleaned up my mouth quickly of candida. The burping in the stomach must have been more clearing out of the problem there yesterday, as it is not as scented today. Small intestine seems clear. The large intestine is where the turpentine sat all night, and whicked fluids into bloodstream for cleansing and the discomfort is there as it has been with irritable bowel for years. Slight burning on ascending colon side. Other than slight nausea which was a problem at times with IB, I am not any worse for wear.
There is not any way I could do the fruit at all meals or the going to the bathroom 3 times a day, as that just inflames my intestines as the other protocols have suggested. That is why I am administering in this way to suit my condition as I have had too many geniuses tell me to do things their way and ended up worse for wear.


Homemade sub, ham, swiss cheese, mustard, olive oil mayo, horseradish. Cheddar cheese potato chips, toxic aspartame cherry Pepsi.

Symptoms: Nausea had left, was hungry, normal abdominal slight discomfort. Earlier slight dry mouth and feeling it was coasted. No turpentine burp.


Chicken, bacon pea salad, sliced sweet and sour cucumbers, bush maple flavor beans. 16 ounce glass of water with clay.  Fake orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream with small scoop of rainbow sherbet.

Symptoms:  Slight fullness in intestines. No turpentine burps. Mouth feels slight taste off taste to it, but dry mouth feeling is gone.
Normal bowel movement.
Actually joked in the afternoon I was ready for more turpentine. Am hungry


Soda crackers and cheese, Pringles and Keebler Club House crackers, peach sun tea.

Symptoms: Noticeable lower intestine gas.

Day Three

Today I upped the dose to a full teaspoon of turpentine with 3 sugar cubes. It tasted more strong, but it dissipates quickly.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice bacon, 1  slice sourdough, 1 cup black tea, 1  16 ounce glass of water with clay.

Symptoms: I still have that pressure in my back tooth from the  candida fluid build up. Did not burp that much, perhaps 3 times. Slight distress in my ascending colon in gas pressure. My tongue tingled in the center today and the tongue feels well more alive. Still have that like "taste" in my mouth which I suspect is candida intestinal die off.
Slight sore spot on the tip of my tongue.
I noticed something in I have no sugar cravings now. I get hungry, but in taking a two mile walk today, the thought of sugar was not pleasant, as if I put a teaspoon of it in my mouth I would feel nauseated.
I deem that a rolling back of the candida.
I do feel tired today. Heat has been affecting me, but that was before the turpentine. I have always had a problem with nutritional absorption from the candida, is why I used sugar to keep going.

Obsevations: I believe the turpentine is in the sugar cubes, but it does combine with the carbs too, so when the candida jumps at food, there is the turpentine there. I believe that it is all through my body, blood included and readily went across the blood brain barrier the first day as I could feel it. It may be a point in the brain is collesterol and eggs are the same protein that the turpentine imbeds in that too. I do believe the turpentine is in my intestinal linings though, and has wiped out the pockets where the candida was lurking, as the burning in spots has ceased.


Pancakes with butter, 16 ounces of water, apple.

Symptoms: Not really any except gas and my lower intestines wondering what that new food group is. Nausea is gone and nothing of burping.
I was though weaker in the heat as my body is saying I do not see turpentine as a food group.
I do believe the inflammation is disappearing though as my body is being cleansed.


Pizza, potato salad, sweet and sour cucumbers and peppers, rhubarb desert with whipped cream, 16 ounces of water.

Symptoms: I call this the catch 22 symptom in irritable bowel, I always feel like the flu when things are moving through my intestines. I do not have the diarrhea, but it feels like it, and my lower intestine being emptied is in discomfort, but that is not the turpentine's fault. It is just my body and it will adjust.
I have been tired all day and actually took a two hour nap. This is the day in other people's experiences in having diarrhea and flushing. I though did not start with the full dose so I am adjusting to the new volume of turpentine.
I conclude the slight discomfort is not close to as bad as past symptoms and there are signs I am getting better from the candida symptoms.


Soda crackers and cheese, Pringles and Keebler Club House crackers, peach sun tea.

Symptoms: Large intestinal discomfort with gas. That though was deemed by the supper meal of pizza which did not prevent sleep.

Day Four

Breakfast: 1 slice homemade sourdough bread, one egg fried in olive oil, 1 slice of bacon, 1 cup of Lipton tea and one 16 ounce glass of water with 1 teaspoon of clay.

Symptoms: I actually felt wonderful. Awoke feeling good. Sore spot on tip of tongue is gone. Almost all of the fluid felling under a back tooth has disappeared. Intestines felt normal for me. The various joint pains I have experienced have disappeared. I have not taken any Advil since starting this. This includes even with grass pollen, I have not had any sinus headaches and I thought perhaps I would have doozy. Instead the sinus are draining.
Tongue feels a bit coated as it has though, but is not that noticeable. Very little burping, perhaps 3 times, but nothing that strong.
It appears that once the turpentine starts killing the various  bad bacteria which are sugar eaters, the fungus, the parasites, that my body is actually enjoying it in my system.
I think my vision is beginning to clear up too as the inflammation decreases.

Lunch; Homemade sub. Cheese potato chips, 16 ounce glass of water.

Symptoms: I am hungry, have an appetite. Slight ascending colon pressure. For me, I would term the growing symptoms as being healthy.

Supper: Brat on whole wheat bun, pickled peppers, onion and cukes, with potato salad. 16 ounce water with clay and 1 scoop sherbet.

Symptoms: Still had the same flu like symptoms in lower intestine. Ended with bowel movement as is the pattern. Feel the symptom of health.

Snacks:Soda crackers and cheese, Salt Vinegar Pringles and Keebler Club House crackers, peach sun tea.

Symptoms: Slight gas in lower abdomen. Slight back tooth fluid again. Same off metalic taste in mouth.  Otherwise none

Day Five

Last day, I deliberately took the turpentine before doing chores, so it was on an empty stomach for an hour. Little burping and no discomfort.

Breakfast: Pancakes made with sucrose, 1 egg, 1 slice bacon, 1 half slice sourdough, coffee with cream. 16 ounce glass of wire with clay.

Symptoms: The feeling of an active large intestine. No discomfort though.

Lunch: 1 bagel, half of apple, 16 ounce glass of water.

Symptoms: I would not term myself having any symptoms, other than being hungry.

Supper: Chicken, cole slaw with vinegar oil dressing, bacon pea pasta salad. Dessert 1 Dream freeze.

Symptoms: None to be reported as the side effects of the turpentine have vanished.

Snacks: Cheese its, cheese, crackers, Keebler crackers, regular Pringles, Peach sun tea.

Symptoms: No symptoms. I was hungry with a good appetite.

In review of this, I am definitely doing the maintenance of Monday and Friday doses of 3 sugar cubes soaked with 1 teaspoon of turpentine this following week. If the few things which I am still focused on are not remedying, I will do a 5 day protocol again the following week to purge the critters from my system.  I am sold on this homeopathy, but do not prescribe it for anyone as that is your decision as it was mine. I will though do the necessary maintenance doses as the doctor who wrote of this online prescribed as a protocol, and hopefully from that point on just do the olden times, twice a year dose of spring and autumn, to keep this stuff from ever getting a foothold in my system again, as I assume I caught this from my toxic dad as a child.

I would term the taste of turpentine little different from Hall's menthol cough drops, my Crest mint toothpaste or Wintergreen. All are obnoxious, but the turpentine is less than the others. It does not have any lingering taste when followed with water.

These are my observations though from my experience with turpentine, which appears to go after the problem, instead of like other herbals in only treating the systems or making the body strong enough that the critters are not as pronounced.

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