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The French Corporal who led the Muslim War against Christians Serbs


Ante Gotovina - Wikipedia

Ante Gotovina (born 12 October 1955) is a Croatian retired lieutenant general and former French senior corporal who served in the Croatian War for Independence. He is noted for his primary role in the 1995 Operation Storm.

Croatian hero Ante Gotovina acquitted of war crimes - Telegraph

Croatia's national hero General Ante Gotovina has been acquitted of war crimes after an appeal at a United Nations tribunal.

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There are from the seers in the oracles of Europe a common vision that World War IV begins in Serbia, just as it began in World War I, with a series of assassinations. It behooves the United States and the leader of Europe in Sebastian Kurz to address the attacks upon Christians in the Balkans which have been a constant theme since Islam raped it's way into Europe.

In this, the world should always be reminded as another holocaust fraud is perpetrated, not by Jews this instance but by Muslims, in the reality of Srebrianca. 
Just as Germans were blamed for a holocaust which began with communist Jews targeting Christian Europe and Germans as a whole for genocide, the Serbians faced the same genocide as Christians in the Balkans, which matched the ethnic cleansing of Germans in sundry areas of Europe after World War II, assisted by an Allied American cover up.

For those who have forgotten in Bill Clintons' Kosovo War, that war was about a Russian Oil Pipeline which George W. Bush later built, The cover for it was "ethnic cleansing" by Serbs attacking Muslims. Just like in American football though in you only see the guy throwing the second punch and never the first, the reality is a Serbian holocaust was undertaken in 1995 and that group has been protected  by American and European powers in being placed into power.

On September 10th, 2015 a City Council of Croatia’s capital Zagreb decided to promote a war criminal General Ante Gotovina to “honorable citizen of the City of Zagreb” for his “contribution to the defending of Croatia’s independence and territorial integrity”. The General, however, as a Commander-in-Chief of Croatia’s army, is directly responsible for a brutal ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed by Croatia’s army, police forces and state authorities over the Serbs during the SS-punishment-style military-police operation “Storm” (Oluja) in August 1995 when around 3000 ethnic Serbs in the Krajina region were killed and 250.000 expelled from their homes. That was the biggest and most terrible ethnic cleansing and genocide committed after the WWII in Europe.

Just so you understand the above in Muslims were wholesale slaughtering and exiling Christians Serbs from their lands and the world did not say a word, because OPEC terror oil for Muslims purchases this kind of genocide approval.

According to Dr. Edward Hermann, an American who has researched this in exposing the fallacy that 8000 Muslims were slaughtered by Serbians, all of this began in 1992 to 1995 when Muslims were slaughtering Christians in Europe. Serbia is allied with Christian Russia, so it was convenient to murder them, as the Vatican loathes Christians and the Jewish and Muslim powers desire to be rid of Serbian Christians. The result are holocaust numbers which are real, in women and children slaughtered.

2380 women and children were mass murdered when the Muslims launched their early 90's cleansing. In understanding this, one can ask what would happen if Americans were slaughtered? George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq over this kind of slaughter of Americans. Margaret Thatcher invaded the Falklands over zero deaths of British subjects.

In the reality of this situation, the Serbians knew exactly which units and which males were involved in this slaughter as it did include juveniles. They had a list, and when their Bosnian Serb forces liberated the area, they tracked down the perpetrators and they executed them. Again the Serbian Christians did not like the Navy SEALS with the faux bin Laden, rush up and pump rounds into a corpse and blast open a canoe size hole in his skull, as the reality in this is, Americans perform the right to drone and execute their enemies, but when the Serbs executed 500 to 1000 holocaust perpetrators against Christian Serbians, suddenly the Serbians are all war criminals, doing exactly what Americans brag about and hand out White House visits over.

There has been a steady stream of evidence in these dead Muslims, that numbers of them reappeared alive. There is also the fact as laid out by Dr. Herman, that the 8000 dead Muslims were not of that number, and that numbers of them were ARMED SOLDIERS KILLED IN COMBAT. This though is nothing new as the Jewish holocaust like the Muslim holocaust has a creative side to it, in communist Jews in the Soviet Union who were both war criminals and were armed soldiers were counted in the "holocaust" dead numbers.
That is the ridiculous ritual of propaganda in murderers, rapitsts, despots and assassins are numbered among the "victims", whose numbers are always twice counted and numbers of the dead mysteriously come to life afterwards to be ignored.

This once again begs the real historical fact that the Germans did not have death camps. They had forced labor camps, which included lice ridden ghetto dwellers sold to them by the Jewish elders to save themselves. When the Americans, British and Soviets bombed the German supply lines, the medical and food supplies were cut off from the labor camps, and what resulted was dead Jews, created by the allies in plague and starvation, and the Germans got blamed for it all, including the gas chambers which never existed, but were instead showers with decontamination pesticide to stop typhus in the same chemical pesticides the Americans were aerial spraying entire European cities against typhus in the American advance.

So, I regard the Srebrenica massacre as a tremendous propaganda triumph. The West wanted to go after Serbia and they avoided peace. They needed this massacre.

For those who still are in denial of all of this, it was no less a person than Donald Trump, President of the United States who spoke to the issue of Serbia on national television.

Donald Trump: We Created Chaos, We Should not have Attacked Serbia!

Those are the facts in this as the United States helped establish a radical Islam front in Europe, which in turn were the fighters who began appearing in other anti Soviet and Russian causes, which has bled back to the United States.

There was an organized political genocide in Europe, but the fact is it was not against Jews in the 1940's, but against Christian Germans who perished in the numbers of 11 million murdered with even more rapes. There was not a Muslim holocaust in 1995, but there was a Serbian Christian holocaust three years previous, and all the Serbians were doing was executing the Muslim criminals, just as Americans boast about as their right.

The Serbians were cleansed by the following methods.

  1. Demolition of the Serb houses.
  2. Public announcing the Serb names as wanted war criminals.
  3. Physical attacking, or even killing, the Serb refugees.

And no one has said a word, except for the few. This issue is still there and the seers point to a flashpoint in the Balkans in the coming time frame which begins the Great Eurasian War. It is time that the propaganda be unmasked and it is time for the Truth to be revealed, before billions perish in another false war to end all wars, but have only to do with exterminating Christian Peoples.

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