Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Königszapfen

The 21st Century Leader

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have mentioned, things have been exceedingly trying this period, even worse than the normal which would have had any of you curled up fetal or committing suicide, as this is real spiritual warfare in death and destruction which the brier patch is. It is difficult in attacks inside the home and out. What I think are triumphs turn into ghastly hurts. I know here am I on the right track or I would not be hammered as we have been and betrayed.

In noting that, I have absolutely no interest in President Trump any more in covering his slight of hands in the WWE theater. He is establishing Obama policy in Brett Faganaugh deliberately and creating his own Trump party as he gathers in the spoils. The work which was accomplished through me by God is not worth jack or shit and has been rewarded the same.
There will be no recovery as all of this is a sham and covering the new staged drama being produced to distract all of you is nothing I have any interest in.

Therefore, what does interest me is the big cat in the room, the real panzer, the real Germanic in Sebastian Kurz compared to Donald Drumpf who has scorned his heritage and name. Watch Sebastian Kurz, no matter what else is taking place, because he is becoming the center of the time frame and the world. If he proves who I believe he is, then he is the Königszapfen, the Achsschenkelbolzen, the king pin. Every event in the world from this moment on will hinge upon him. Where the tongue steers the trailers will follow and wherever it turns on the king pin hinge, all will go in that direction.

This in not to say that Jehu will not have his place, nor will Vladimir Putin not continue to be a man of the times, but if Sebastian Kurz is the leader who has been spoken of, the world will rotate around him in all events, and the rest will be satellites in the sphere.

So this who until proven otherwise is who I have interest in, in covering. If you are too dense to have figured out what clues I have provided or too much the moron to comprehend the gravity of this, then that is your problem, and it probably means you were one of the clever well to do readers who have not been donating and thinking you were so much smarter than God and me in getting away with it.

With U.S. out, those backing Iran nuclear deal meet in Vienna
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a joint news conference as part of a meeting with Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz
The Washington Times

Foreign Policy...

TL and I have been watching this one part the political waters and walk upon them as he rises out of the masses. The heavy hitters are stepping aside in this one, and that makes him most interesting as there is a new force in the political jungle and he will rule this as he intends.

You will never see another leader like this ever. This is an event which will not repeat. The last time a comet like this appeared was 2233 years ago in setting the standard for the namesake of this kind of blossoming greatness.

So each of you may continue in the Trump fuzzy light, but compared to Sebastian Kurz, Donald Trump is a firefly to a meteor streaking across the night sky. We will know soon enough if Heir Kurz is the man of destiny to move thee entire world as the wave of his presence is already dispersing the lesser gods.

If Donald Trump had any political advisers worth spit, they would be telling him to ally with the leader of Europe and not make the same New York Schiff and Rothschild banking mistakes of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, but that is the problem with Donald Trump, in he kept whorish preachers around to preen around him and rid himself of all the Christians, so he is blind as his staff to the events unfolding as each of you are.

So if you want Trump theater, go to the money whores online wagging your dog, as I have seen this Bush Obama Act before. I prefer the adult in the room with the risen star who will shroud the lights of the lesser stars, as I have waited all my time for these years, and I intend to enjoy every moment as my life has been nothing but hell on earth, and I will not miss a moment of destiny being fulfilled.