Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lame Cherry Told You: Lisa Page the Heroin

 Lisa Page victimized by Misogynists  at the DOJ and FBI

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did not the Lame Cherry tell you for months that Lisa Page was the victim in this Peter Strzok framing of Donald Trump, exactly in the same guile that Evelyn Farkas was misused by liberal males she trusted? Of course the Popular Girl did and now once again this blog by God's Grace is being proven right.

Thee MOST DAMNING thing in this is, it has now been confirmed that Lisa Page WAS NOT INFORMED BY ROD ROSENSTEIN of DOJ and FBI Director Christopher Wray that Congress had been requesting to meet her for months!!!

Let that one soak in.

Now why would the FBI and DOJ keep blindsiding Lisa Page? It goes back to her text to Peter Strzok when she ordered him TO NEVER CONTACT HER AGAIN. Page had figured out in this that the Misogynistic Males in this of Andrew McCabe who sold his wife to Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok who cheated on his wife and abused Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein who allows all of this abuse to happen of women and James Comey who oversaw these perversions looked upon all women as fuck toys to do the dirty work.

Mark Meadows Drops Bombshell: DOJ Had Not Notified FBI Trump-Hating Lovebird Lisa Page of Congress’ Multiple Outstanding Interview Requests For Over 7 Months

Lisa Page began figuring out the hostile work environment she was in and how she had been abused by Peter Strzok and all of these misogynist males and it drove her from her job in her resignation. It was this blog which first informed you that Lisa Page was a cooperating witness and has remorse for her actions. She was like many people in being caught up in the rampant abuse of power in Obama Clinton's regime. This group of John Brennan to Barack Hussein Obama with the mauls of Michelle Obama and Val-erie Jarrett were very adept at getting into a woman's psychology to abuse them.
Do you need to be reminded that Susan Rice wrote that email to herself as cover for Barack Obama criminal activities in this? Rice was manipulated as she was on Benghazi in falling on the sword of Truth to protect Obama.
Remember Samantha Power allowing her name to be used on unmasking by John Brennan? It is all a pattern of liberal women, being caught up in the fake information being fed them, and being conned that they had to do everything to breaking the law as there was a boogerman under every bed.

Lisa Page proved what a woman recovering from this kind of abuse is capable of, in appearing before Congress in an honest and forthcoming manner. She is no longer a woman held hostage by these creeper males in this conspiracy.

Is Lisa Page Spilling the Beans on Former FBI Lover Peter Strzok? [Rep. Matt Gaetz Says She was Much More Credible and Forthcoming in Closed-Door Meeting]

Peter Strzok has proven what a hateful bigot misogynistic racist he is. There are foul texts against Donald Trump. Texts of hate against Americans who have a Republican stench. Texts against Russians in being sub human.

ICYMI: Peter Strzok: I Didn’t Really Mean Trump Supporters Were ‘Ignorant Hillbillies’

Lisa Page is the shining heroin in this. She is a liberal, but that is not a crime. She is an American Woman who has risen to the most difficult and embarrassing of situations and she is doing the right thing for America against literally the Department of Justice and FBI who have been working against her and tainting her name before Congress.........and you should be able to reason out why they were keeping Lisa Page in the dark, as it has to do with her freeing herself from Peter Strzok's clutches, and this male misogynist group of powerful perverts who abuse women, knew if she got before Congress and a Grand Jury that she would tell the Truth and expose the corruption of Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok and yes Barack Hussein Obama.

Lisa Page should be commended and the references to her as a lover of Peter Strzok should cease in right wing media, as she was misused and abused, and deserves America's protection now that she has come in from the dark cold dungeon which the DOJ and FBI had her locked into.

You children and brats have had this information months ago in who Lisa Page is, and yet you rich people haven not made the big donations as you were led around by the media who missed the biggest story again.
The Lame Cherry was right again in matter anti matter exclusives. One would think the rich women would consider that defense of women to be important enough to donate to.

 Compare the openness, the smiles, the driven purpose of Lisa Page compared to the cowering, smirking, strained Peter Strzok before Congress. Lisa Page is a woman on mission and she is telling the Truth!!!

Report: Lisa Page Offered 'New Information' in Testimony to Lawma…
During her testimony on Capitol Hill on Friday, several lawmakers said former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was "cooperative," …

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