Friday, July 27, 2018

Trump spends 12 billion to Torture Animals

Ivanka the New Farm Bill subsidizes milk production and I put in a clause
to pay a few million dollars for your tits so you  better apply.

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I would swear that Gary Cohn sneaked into the White House and wrote the new 12 billion dollar spending spree called The Farm Bill.

Once again, not spending a great deal of time on this, but this bill subsidizes millionaires who torture animals in mass confinement in corporate agriculture and rewards Monsanto millionaires to raise poison crops. That is who is rewarded in this farm bill is conglomerate agriculture and not what is left of real farmers.

Trump announces $12 billion in farm aid to fight tariffs ...

Trump announces $12 billion in farm aid to help offset tariff losses. ... Bill Gordon, a soybean farmer ... no matter what dollar amount, ...
Yes these Trump wars are amazing in you end up getting robbed for Trump policies whose only purpose is to concentrate wealth into the hands of the feudal few again.

Now don't get me wrong in I am all for a billion dollar hemp industry, but you know when the billionaires get involved what is going to happen is all those corporate farms are going to say they are growing hemp, when it is pot which is going to be shipped to Canada's wide open dope smoker market. As it is just going to be easier to grow dope in America for profit on corporate farms than to trust Latin Cartels.

Anyway, that is what is getting the reward, is buildings that confine thousands of animals in horrid conditions of never seeing the light of day from chickens to pigs to dairy cows, and all of that meat and whatever is being housed in huge warehouses where it is not being sold anywhere, but you are paying for the subsidy again to millionaires and billionaries.

2.5 Billion Pounds of Meat Piles Up in U.S. as Production ...

U.S. consumers' appetite for meat is growing, but not fast enough to ... specialized warehouses built to store meat and ... overseas sales and rising ...

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