Friday, July 27, 2018

Before you start cheering Trump's 4.1 Growth

If you drink enough everything looks like 4.1%

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before you start celebrating the Trump Economy, ask yourself when Netflix if imploding as no one has the money to spend on movies and the housing bubble is collapsing, and you do not have any money due to Trump high gas prices with Trumpflation, just where is this 4.1 % growth coming from, as it is not coming from consumers inside the United States.

 The warning in this is this article and I will quote it.

US economy surges to 4.1 percent growth rate in Q2

WASHINGTON >> The U.S. economy surged in the April-June quarter, growing at an annual rate of 4.1 percent. That's the fastest pace since 2014, driven by consumers who began spending their tax cuts and exporters who sought to get their pro


President Donald Trump predicts growth will accelerate under his economic policies. But private forecasters cautioned that the April-June pace is unsustainable because it stems from temporary factors. The rest of the year is likely to see good, but slower growth of around 3 percent.

Temporary factors are not people, but conglomerates using Gary Cohn tax breaks to not pay taxes later in spending money on their tax deductible perks. And as the only thing that US exporting is YOUR OIL AND GAS, driving those prices up, that is your 4.1%, along with Mexicans shingling houses which will fall off, that brings the levels down to 3% or under for the rest of the year.

This is bullshit economics and the President knows it, and has no business deceiving the public for his midterm elections of Bush pariahs into Congress. Donald Trump had no intention of ever passing Reagan Kemp tax relief for all of the people nor did Mike Pence, Mitch  McConnell and Paul Ryan.

I will end this as I have better things to do than post for deadbeat donors who pretend to be Christians as they steal from this site, that there is a good chance in the next few weeks you will see a REVISION buried in the news, that it really was not 4.1, but under that number completely.

I am a Christian Conservative. I want Reagan tax reforms again and a Reagan economy for Americans, not this Wall Street rapine that Trump signed onto which is what Hillary and Jeb would have given you.

Remember the Lame Cherry reforms would have given you 50 cent a gallon gasoline  and 6% sustained growth with deflation.

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