Monday, July 9, 2018

When the anti Christ is normal leader

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It sees in the Bible that Jesus had a sit down with the disciples from time to time to just talk about things which in most cases they did not understand. Not that no one would mistake me for Jesus now or the subjects are that deep once explained here, but I have been wanting to post this because it has been increasingly hard to do this blog.

I need settled. I detest drama. Yet that is all I have had even more so in the past months. The mother is driving me up the wall, and I do appreciate the additional letters which my children wrote. It is a point though when someone is lying to you and has taken to stealing things from TL and pilfering from me, that I told TL that it feels just like the metro here now, as there is not any peace.

I get in the house most nights now, and yes nights now after 10 pm. Today I was up with cat poo at 5 and then just got up at 7 as it was going to be hot, and I ..........ok here is a robbing peter to pay paul. I have had Belle and Daisy in the barn which is falling down, and it is full of shit. The plan was to get our place, then either get Bugsy with his skid steer to push the chit out, or we get one as the big donations should appear.
Instead I went over to the Uncles 2 weeks ago and asked if he would ever consider selling. His response was he could not take it with him, said some things like he had been thinking of selling to a neighbor, and I said to keep it in the family with me, and he said he would talk to his daughter as she had a good head about those things, around the 4th of July.
So we had a pisser of day yesterday, and my being mad as it had to do with TL's health, I went over to see what he had to say. When I brought it up, he had not discussed a thing with the kids. Then asked if I could not stay here, and I said that is not going to work out, and then it was going to talk to the kid at the end of the month and he would let me know. This was after he told me the first time I would probably end up with his place and the place adjoining. Now it was if the kids want it. Those worthless chit all live in other states and I know when I am being given the run around as some asshole changed their mind, that I am never going to hear from him about this again.
So I left furious and tension makes me ill, and I had to get the panels out of the shit in the barn, as the bull needs shade in heat, but the last time I tried being nice he tore the side of the barn out.

I asked someone else if they would sell a chunk of land later in the day with TL, but the wife said it was just 13 acres and  that would not do me any good.

So I spent until dark last night with barn spiders and a jack working on those shit cemented in panels, and did 2 hours in the heat this morning and dragged things around and got set up for the bull. I expected problems with him, as he went in and pawed and shit flew at me, then he plopped down like a wet bag content as hell.
I was still on a  rampage inside, but that made me smile that he had learned and he appreciated what I had did for him.

It is just nothing is going right and I am about to the point of having to leave the brier patch. It is a point that I need land and every turn I have made has come up empty. I could never get rid of Belle, Daisy and Moo, but I simply can not take this situation any more as this Spiritual grinding is getting old as I have been through this too many times before.

That is why the blog is hard now, as I simply have no interest in Trump theater. I have posted what is taking place in it is all a diversion, have been proven right, so what is the point in posting the bullshit which is designed to distract the masses.
The one interesting part is the anti Christ seems to be arising in Europe. That pleases me as Jesus will then return, and even more so this leader is doing all the right things which none of the other political ilk will do for the people.

So I look for things in pondering this cycle of the advent of the Great Tribulation if the signs are pointing correctly. Maybe the brier patch will get blasted in war or wormwood. God has not seen fit to explain things to me as He rarely does as I may interfere.
It all goes back to the place I wanted as I had trees planted in pots, I was looking at a rock to put at the end of the drive to make it special in it being our place with the address on it, and my pond which I have always wanted. That is all shit to the wind now though as that prick is never going to see me ever again. I have concluded I have TL and no other family.  I am finished with the kinfolk and would be pleased if they all perished in some God created events as I pissed on their graves.
I felt today like telling the old adulterer, if you think living with  the mother is such a great deal, why don't you try it for awhile.

Things are moving on though. We have Jehu in the White House. There is stinking corruption everywhere as thee American Genocide is surging, and the best person on the planet with appeal is the anti Christ.

All I really wanted was the money to get a place and the chance to play a little bit. I still would work, but it would be to enjoy a few moments in the day, instead of this pisser that TL and I are stuck in.

I really need to eat something as my stomach is on fire, which is what exhaustion and tension does to me, and then I need to rest for a few as the drama today was, I told the mother that I was not going to call her to meals anymore, as she knew when we were eating and yet she made me go summon her like the queen. That is just disrespectful and I figure the drama tomorrow is I told her last night she had salad to eat, but when we got home TL noted the microwave had been I suppose she ate tomorrow nights supper, never said a damn word, and then will expect me to cook, as she never cooks a damn thing........but see there is a trick in that too, as she will not wash her hands, and as I do not like cat hands food, she has it all plotted out to sit on her ass, as she does deliberately screw things up.

So I believe the closing in this is, what is wrong with the picture when the mother is exceeding the anti Christ in being an ass. eh.

I am looking for the Europeans to have a dust up over Libya, and for them to get possession of Libya and keep moving on.

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