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When I was a little boy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jim wrote me a nice note, and it affords the opportunity to fill in the gaps of things posted here, as I never have enough time, but too much trouble to deal with, that sometimes the things I am moved by God to post things get shoved aside which do not mean to be.
I do cringe when I post things like PentaJew, which is the reality of the Trump counsel, in it is the defense intelligence co mingled with a group who hides in Jewry for cover. I cringe because I do know that there are people like Jim out there who probably wonder about the things I post in exposing the facts about who Adolf Hitler really was and how secular Jews were a major problem in causing the world wars. I deal in facts and the reason I even have to address subjects like this in further explanation, proves how embedded the propaganda is and how successful it was in giving cover to the perpetrators.

Jim, which was my dad's name too, asked about how people speaking things have different forms of power. Is a teasing child saying they hate their father the same as a person in jest saying, "That kills me", to the focused attention of like King David in the Psalms, stating, "Remove them from the land of the living."

Greetings and best wishes to you LC,

Reading In Spiritual War I wonder about language, humor and intent. Having grown up Jewish I learned early about self deprecating humor and use it all the time. I say horrible things about myself in jest and use it as a defensive weapon to ward off attacks. It seems to work in the sense that no man can take from me what I offer up freely...

Would you agree it is the intention of the words and not the actual words themselves that matter? I will never forget watching a toddler telling her father over and over  "I hate you daddy" with the biggest smile beaming so much love it lit me up. What mattered there, the words or her heart?

Anyway, as always thank you for all you do. I am paying close attention to your columns on Sebastian K. I lived a year in West Berlin 1983/84 working on a US base running a music rec room and I saw a lot while there. I don't accept the party line on what happened in the 1940's and got on well with Germans. Remarkably capable and formidable people, it is almost inconceivable to me how they let Merkel drag it so far down and I hope they return from that. My wife would love to see Germany and if they turn a corner maybe we will do so.

anyways...my great appreciation to you


Now for my enjoyment in another pisser day. I in not any way mean to focus on Jim in this, but his opening of "best wishes" is something I have focused on as much as people saying "Take care", in a wish is good will, but it implements a force of human nature and nature, not as a blessing based in God.
There are four powers in this world. Nature which is all we see around us, which is a neutral power. Then there is human will and the will of animals. There is God and there is anti God or satan.

God is the only power which is productive. The other three are consumptive powers. Nature produces a back wave of repayment in force, while human and animal produces a self destructive wave of having and then experiencing guilt. The last in satan is one which requires constant interest payments of energies or death.

I had someone who was well meaning tell me "take care", but under my breath I rejected it, as God cares for me, as I do a bad enough job lousing things up. I used to explain to people, but I had so much disgust with my rancid sister who kept saying it just to be a bitch, that in this last days, it is more prudent to keep silent than be telling people things that they are not going to change in any form.

It is though all as Jim said about intentions of will in what we speak. IF THOUGH we were the only will involved in this, nothing would come of our emotional outbursts. The problem in this is satan hears everything we say and either accuses us or uses those words as a contract.

It does not matter what we mean or intend, when satan is involved, because think of it this way in if you had a daff neighbor who started giving things away, because they were senile. In this out of 100 people, at least half would take the car, and then con the old coot into signing away their home and handing over their bank card. The geezer had no intention of doing this, but other wills intended to exploit everything they could as it was legal.
So someone might not mean something they said, but satan heard it, and goes before God accusing you of what you said which there is not any denying, and in those words has been given your permission to do exactly what you said, because your will is a force and it is a driven destroyer, not creator.

This is what James the brother of Christ was Inspired to point out in the power of the things we speak. Christians have an added Spiritual dimension which increases the power and the responsibility. The same Christ who curses a fig tree and it dies, is the same power at work today, just as the same satan which utilized King Herod's will murdered all the children three years and younger to protect his throne.

St. James 3

 5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!
 6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.

 10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

This is a complex issue in this in the power of emotion to roll things back resisting us. The influence of satan in people we trust to stop our progression. This is a fluid reality of our words and our wills, in a mix of resistance and destructions  pitted against us.

I will use my life as an example as people are aware of it and Jim mentioned it. Here am I homeless, poor, and I am asking an old relative if they will sell the family land to me, as he is saying he is wore out, going into a geezer home, and when I say it should be kept in the family, he agrees and says I will end up with it, as he has to talk to his daughter first to work out the money details.

Remember my position in this, because it is important, because what manifested in selfish human will, with satan adding to it, was MY CIRCUMSTANCES NEVER OCCURRED to these people's minds. There was zero Christian compassion involved. Instead what took place was you had an old whoremonger who was appealed to, to make a legacy to make up for abandoning his kids after a divorce.
The daughter who is a surgeon and I just read an article she published, is still the same self centered kid who wanted to be validated. All of these trash brood worships the Cherry name, because they could never measure up to that name in her own divorce. She has been trying to be something pretty her entire life to deal with the ugly inside. So when her old man talks about selling, her response is to grab the land as it is Cherry land, so she will finally be someone in this fiction when she has done nothing but fuck her life up.
The end result, this person who has a mansion, a practice preying on ugly old women to make them face lift horrid, has a pile of money, did not once consider like all these other rich assholes around here who have places which are rotting to the ground, that there are poor people around who need homes to live in, because they are so self centered, compassion never enters their minds. They have the world and all that sin and it is still not enough.

We are blessed by God. God's will command's peoples hearts to His will at times for purpose, but there is also free will involved and satan operating to destroy good people. Look at this in context in all the hurt this has caused us again. All of this has been recorded. All of this will be played in the Judgment. Everyone of these relatives is going to be Judged on their lack of Christian instinct as they will be claiming how wonderful they are in all they did. I do not like being a teaching example. I do not like being someone who is blessing an entire group of vipers to have their words coming out of their mouths come true, but God is moulding me again into someone I do not want to be, but I do understand His impossible job more as He deals with all of us. This is a live fire exercise and it is excruciating, but numbers of you reading this have gone through your own trials which made you a better Christian and some are still going through them, so I can not complain about this crappy thing God has going on, as that is what life is at times.

This has taken all the joy out of that place and the dreams I had. It is one more sore spot which is there inside me. It is though a point that this works out to uncle's commands, these vipers are not going to be in this world harming others.

I hope that explains some things which I have left out that I was thinking about addressing, including our new super star in Europe. He still has to evolve and I wonder what will change him to be all he is meant to be. Watching this time in Europe in the wonderful array of new dynamic leaders appearing in Europe as the old trash of May, Merkel and Marcon fade, is like watching that Khan episode on Star Trek That Italian kid was so polished that he was running circles around Donald John.
As I was blessed to write the time line to place our current president into the White House, I am quite available to write a time line to have Christ return. As TL mentioned the other day in our deep conversations, there is a point that I never believed I would be rooting for the anti Christ or the coming Armageddon, but the point is these hashtags have proven so incapable of getting the job done, that if I have to do some heavy lifting to get them in the more proper direction, as the DIA and the deep state has trashed all of my work for a Christian protection in Moscow and DC peace while the anti Christ withered to save billions of lives, then like uncle speaking evil, if this is what these powerful people are unleashing, then who am I to stand in the way of Prophecy and to neutralize their efforts in all they desire.
It is as General William Sherman stated of the South. They have chosen the remedy of war. I intend to give them all they desire.

Sebastian Kurz delights me, because of his competence. This is the most capable leader in Europe, since Adolf Hitler and before him, Bismark. Kurz understands local, continental and global politics. He has made every move perfectly and is most capable. I simply add a few public reasonings as Europe deserves to manage the oil of North Africa for their benefit, so the European fiction of being civilized will be soothed and they can reason to do the things in their nature, as my viper relatives reason so often.
Europe is about to be a super state, it requires supermen, and has many arising. They do need more of Andres Breivik around to deal with things, with Vatican unctions as Moscow is a large creature, than it needs the appointed race traitors like Angela Merkel who as fellow travelers are implementing Stalin and Londons final solution on Germans.

One thing you have to understand about these Assyrian Germans, as they are Semites like Israelite Germans in America who keep boiling away in the hot pot as frogs instead of fixing things. It is in their nature to trust their leaders and endure like Russians a host of suffering which would kill them. It is all a factored in conditioning in how far to push the mob. Germans of all kinds have had generations of abuse so they suffer silently to their deaths. The point in this is, if they get a leader like Sebastian Kurz to kindle these people's dreams and not betray them, they are a quite capable group pointed in the correct direction. Kurz will need to mould his warrior classes as Austrian Germans are best in command and elite fighting groups, the French are fine trigger pullers, the English follow orders, the Spanish fight like dogs and the Greeks are wonderful assassins as are the Serbs for guerilla warfare.
The Europeans need a good dog fight in Africa. Muslims make wonderful fodder. Libya for oil and Egypt to just rough things up, but shattering Turkey would really but a step in their army parades.

This just has to be helped along, more than Donald John blundering into it and with Jesus return, things will go better for me.

I had better wrap this up and answer the Viking with a smile. Not unless contacting me is that big white 63 million dollar drone they keep flying over the breir patch.

Oh how I would love to be Christian General of this group. Get my Onward Christian Soldiers uniforms, lots of guns, mortars, missiles, tanks and planes and we would get things sorted out in a few months for Eden America again.
I suppose though that deep state Jeff is more interested in telling Christians it is ok to be slapped around as that makes them Christians in liking it. Task forces are designed for one reason, and that is to condition you to suffer through the problem without starting a revolution.

Sessions announces 'religious liberty task force'

Dearest Sisters,
Have they contacted you as to your running this organization?

The Viking

Nuff Said

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