Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Kitchenaid 4 C

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One of my dreams in life was to have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Dreams though cost money and all I ever had is a collection of off models which never had the power of a Kitchenaid or a Hobart.

So the other day I was wandering  through the thrift store and my eyes cast upon a stand mixer. I dismissed it as they have had them in there and it was the same stuff I had. I figured it was plastic, more crap and more stuff to pass by, and then I pulled this heavy steel mixer out and was amazed it was an old Kitchenaid.

I asked TL what the price was and it was marked 15 dollars. They go for around 55 dollars I saw on Ebay, but new they are over 300 dollars, and the thing is the new models do not have the build anymore to hold up.

So I purchased it after making sure it worked and got it home and in research discovered it was made by Hobart, the real stand mixer makers.

It has a meat grinder......sort of. I think two of the blades are not for this model, and a far as I can see the cutter does not fit. So I am looking at the manual, and the reason of posting on this is for the manual, in case someone else wants one, as there are real asstard experts online who do not know diddle or squat.

It is still soaking in that I have a Kitchenaid, made in Ohio USA, when American things lasted into the 21st century. I will be delighted in time, when we get our house and it sits in our kitchen. I told TL that the other relics I have will be on a shelf in the porch to view as part of the collection as I still use them for special occasions like birthday cakes for German Chocolate with coconut pecan frosting.

I did use the link below and the download did work for like 4.2 megs and it was all for not signing up for anything, if you hit the right link.


View and Download KitchenAid 4-C use & care manual online. 4-C Hand Mixer pdf manual download.

So that is my Kitchenaid porn. I am excited to use it to make whipped cream. The manual says no dough hooks for the 4 C, and that is ok, as I have hands, and am quite pleased some old gal died, her worthless children did not want the mixer and a myriad of lazy ass women passed it by, as that mixer would mean they would have to actually do something besides text their other fat ass friends.

That should have made a number of people smile and offended a number of others.

Nuff Said