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Who America Really Owes For Being Great

The German American Superior Genetic Children

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The Lame Cherry is about to educate all of you about something as I have had it up to here with the smearing of the German Protestant Whites in America and this world. When I tell you that it was the German Israelites who produced the American identity of success, most of you still do not comprehend what I am speaking about.

Germans of both Israelite and Assyrian were of one type in they were moral, chivalrous to women, hard working, precise and never gave up. It is these people who tame wilderness and win wars, and it has been an absolute crime worse than all the bullshit propaganda over whining Jews and Blacks what they purportedly suffered, that Germans have endured silently in always being slapped  around as Nazi.

The following account is from Harper's Weekly. In it you will find not the Trump visa fiction of his Mexican and Muslim vermin, but a real German people who Mr. Trump genetically rose from. A people who built America, and the numbers can  not be denied in what they accomplished.
In short, Germans from the Dakota's, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota settled what was locust plague infested prairie, built Churches to Jesus the Christ, and through horrid first years, turned that sod into the bread basket of the world, all by horse team.
What had been a few years before a land of a few thousand nomadic Indian terrorists producing nothing, was in one small town called Eureka South Dakota, producing 3 million bushels of wheat in one area of America alone.

These Germans had been lured by the Czar to the Crimea in Russia in the promise of farms, and with them they brought their intelligence, skills, and ethics, and they turned the wilderness of Russia into a bread basket. When the Czar turned on these people, they suffered greatly and mass migrated to the plains the United States, and turned America into an agricultural power house. Before the second wave of Germans arrived, America was nothing but east of the Mississippi diary farms. After the Germans arrived, America was an agricultural power house exporting to the world.

 The German American Superior Work Ethic

That is what pisses me off the most in this in how German Christians are maligned to this day when America owes these people everything, for without their turning a worthless wilderness into an agricultural power house, there was not anything from Henry Ford to Andrew Carnegie.

This is who Americans are. Not this goddamn worthless genetic inferior trash that keeps being imported as slave workers. These Germans built America and are now having it stolen from them as they were driven off the land by Wall Street and now they are being replaced by this sloven class of mongrel Jesuit and Muhammed polluting thee entire American identity with an unproductive race by design.

America owes the Germans, and it is time that German in the White House start protecting those Americans and start promoting them as they built this land and America owes everything to them in God and His German American children.


The German American Moral Families

Harper's Weekly

July 11, 1896 AD in the year of our Lord
These peasants are not only unique because they have brought into America a small section of Europe, maintaining the language and customs intact (German Lutheran Morality), but they claim a uniqueness of another kind in that they haul to market in the town of Eureka South Dakota, more grain than is marketed in any other primary wheat market in the world.
During the period between the day when the first load of the season was drawn into Eureka last autumn and the tie when the last load of the season was hauled n mid February, here were unloaded from the wagons of these peasants, 3 million bushels of wheat. In 1888, about 900,000 bushels were marketed. Four years later, this had been increased to 2 million bushels , and this year (1896), so prodigious is the crop with another million bushels added.
Out of the wagons of these German - Russian peasants, who learned their trad of wheat growing in the old world, is unloaded more wheat year by year than at any other place in the world.

The German American Christ Church

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