Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Drone of my very own to watch over Me

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the hell that is our lives because rich people refuse to be Christians and donate to this blog's production, we have  been sitting outside in the heat and mosquitoes in the evenings, as baby kitties claw holes in our legs, running up and down them in play. Such sedentary economics though offer one the opportunity to look at the skies and in observation, wonder what in the hell the United States regime is spending millions of dollars flying a drone over the brier patch constantly.

Yes the Lame Cherry has a drone flying over this location non stop, which is picking up wifi transmissions and probably taking daily photos of me in my shorts.

The thing is about this drone though it is not the NASA prototype or the Northrup Global Hawk. I simply can not find an image of what is cruising over head here.
When we first noticed it, it was this bright white jet which looked off. See it moves slower than the commercial 27's, 37's, 57's and triple 7's, and is deceptive because when you first see this white bird, you ignore it as an airliner as it looks about he same size, but as you study it, you notice it has short little wings, a jet engine and a smooth fuselage.
The reason it looks about the same size as a commercial jet is because these drones have their very own ceiling which is the tier below the east west, north south and diagonal pattern jets and military aircraft in GPS, and is about the propeller driven light aircraft. No one has ever mentioned this before in where these craft operate at and they also run turning patterns and do not run in straight lines.
They also do not have have red and green flashing lights which is  an FAA violation.

What is of interest also is these jets do not make any sound. They seem to fly about 220 miles per hour as commercials run about 300 mph and you can see the difference in the speed. It is estimated that they almost run at a stall speed in just floating as their engines are never overworked and they never leave a contrail.

There does not seem to be the "head" on these drones either. They are much more sleek,  and operate around here for hours on end. To make the point, I was looking at the population of his shit hole and my entire county has 10,000 people. Yes the brier patch has about as many people in it as most of your communities do on your doorstep. Hence the interesting reality of what are all these resources being expended upon here and I keep getting flyovers when all our world is, is just Mexican dope traffic according to the DOJ maps and it is not like they need to be monitored as they are run by the deep state.

I have been watching this weird shit since we returned here, in bizarre high speed lights at twilight and evening moving across the sky and changing directions like no aircraft could, and this past month we have been  watching these drones appear. There are no markings on them as I  did check with binos. They are solid bright white and simply flying around here. It makes sense in my internet is so slow sometimes as they are grabbing signals and processing it. Not very good business for AT&T and especially I am being charged for the gigs when the regime is routing the signal.

If I had the big donations, I would have a long range lens and do a digital and put it on Youtube for all to be fascinated by as proof. It is just the ridiculous reality of the United States in someone is droning this area and I seem to be the main attraction. I know Homeland told me that it was just too many people online in why my internet was slow. I would probably be told that this drone is really not a drone either, but a weather balloon with a jet engine.

But it looks like now I not only have my own NSA data wing in Utah, but also a drone to watch over me.

Such is the life of a popular girl.