Saturday, August 11, 2018

Castle Garden

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I so dislike the mongrel propaganda, because it infuses all of you to ignorance which you will not escape.

If the Lame Cherry were to ask you, where did your LEGAL immigrant ancestors arrive in America? You would blurt out ELLIS ISLAND, and of course be absolutely wrong, because Ellis Island is where the majority of the rubbish of Europe appeared when radical Jews were purged out of that continent for assassinations of monarchs and trying to install communism.

No, the original point for the first waves of Americans was Castle Garden, or Fort Clinton in Battery Park on the south tip of Manhattan Island. 8 million Americans arrived through that facility before it was moved much later to Ellis Island.

Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton, previously known as Castle Garden, is a circular sandstone fort now located in Battery Park, in Manhattan, New York City. It is perhaps best remembered as America's first immigration station (predating Ellis Island), where more than 8 million people arrived in the United States from 1855 to 1890.

This was the major port landing for the mass wave of German settlers to the American interior. Travel from Russia was around 200 dollars per adult, and the train ride to Nebraska was 8 dollars. The 8 dollars was refunded if the immigrants purchased railroad lands.

The passage was not easy for the  Germans, as they had to make it to Hamburg, and then it would be a number of points in either South America, Halifax Nova Scotia (these Germans were settled in Winnipeg) or the disembarkation point in Castle Garden.

There was not any 10,000 dollar checks, Lutheran Social Services or Catholic Charities in those days as it is now for the godless vermin coming in. No, the Lutherans, Hutterites, Menonites got nothing, except crooked ass Americans stealing from them and assaulting them. That is the racket that was run out of New York City against Christians. These people paid their way and made their own way. There was zero welfare.

What there was though was a health check. I know you think, "Hey they let in TB, Chaggas and Ebola now by loads", but not in real America. If you had an infection, as simple as an eye infection, you got stopped and you did not enter the United States. America was not about to let sick people into the country in the 19th century.

Once they arrived at the rail head in the Great Plains, these Germans often found that the free land in Wisconsin and other states which was promised was gone. So they had to push further west into the arid Great American Desert, a place of rocks and tumbleweeds, no trees, and no transportation, where they cried as they got off their asses and built a shelter so they did not freeze to death.
When they reached the end of the line, they walked, tens to hundreds of miles to get to a plot of land to homestead in the great American wilderness.

Few of them spoke any English on coming to America. I was told the story of my Great Grandfather who his first night on his homestead, without any shelter, heard something screaming in the dark. It turned out it was a mule with an attitude miles away, but he was certain it was Indian terrorists who were on the rampage and were going to kill him.
Add that to the wolves and coyotes prowling around, as wolves ate people in mother Russia, and it provided great vigor to get some kind of wood up to hide in at night, and to keep your valuable stock alive as predators kill things and destroy lives.

You never hear of Castle Garden and the reason is, is because it was wiped from history, by the mongrels who appeared and controlled the press, not letting the fact be known that the Americans of Castle Garden, were the Americans who were the pioneers who landed first and came west in the first waves. It is the real history of America, in one of the most fantastic stories ever in German Israelites, immigrated to Russian wilderness to found entire communities, and honing those skills, their grandchildren by 1/3rd of their number pressed on to America to build the United States interior. The Danube Germans as Sebastian Kurz's family was, settled in former Muslim lands. The Russian Germans followed Catherine the Great into Russia and fled for their lives to America. Then there were the Dutch and the Deutsch who came in two waves from 1760 to the 1880's to settle Pennsylvania, the Ohio and moved west to Minnesota to Montana and Kansas in epic waves.
They were a clean people, a moral people, an industrious people, and a Christian People.

For 35 years Castle Garden was the immigrant center for legal immigration of foreigners who wanted to become Americans, not the Ellis Island mobs who were expelled from Europe for their murderous riots.

Odd is it not that the real history has been censored and you never hear one word of the epic Exodus of the Germans to America as they were the people who built the United States from a wilderness to a world power.......and that structure is being left to ruin, as that leftist lot does not want anyone to know what is the real history of America.

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