Friday, August 3, 2018


Digusting males who shatter children's and women's lives
Donald Trump Jr. co-hosts Dinesh D'Souza's very conservative D.C. film p…
The red carpet for the screening of far-right filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary was all business. Conservatives fill…

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The whoremonger, Donald Trump jr. weighed in with his ignorance on the National Socialists of Germany in claiming that current COMMUNIST democratic degenerate policies are similar to what the Germans engaged in, in the 1930's.

Donald Trump Jr. Cried Like a Baby After His Wife Caught Him ...

Donald Trump Jr. Cried Like a Baby After His Wife Caught Him Wanting to Impregnate Mistress. ... Don Jr. didn't wear condoms when he committed adultery, ...

The Lame Cherry unequivocally states that whoremonger Trump does not speak for myself as a Christian, Conservative, Republican or Historian as his New York brand of education slums around with that black hole of India carpetbagger, Dinesh D'Souza, another plantation fraud, who happens to be a whoremonger too in using women as cum dumps

But wait, let us here from the abused wife of Dinesh D'Souza to see who Donald Trump jr. is defending.

Dixie D'Souza Says Her Husband Dinesh Lied to Everybody

Dinesh D'Souza has built quite a ... himself up as the holy and righteous man Dinesh did so not ... rights and same sex marriage while ignoring what D ...

Trump jr. the whoremonger, apparently is unaware of the reality of the connection in political terror of the Stalinists of the Soviet Union to modern democrats. Their mentor in the Hubert Humphrey read Karl Marx and signed his own name to the copy of the book which was still in the basement of his father's store in Doland South Dakota in 1968 AD in the year of our Lord.

It is irresponsible and typical asstard to link all things to Nazi's as the worst of the worst when that was not the case at all. National Socialists were the moral, ethical and patriotic protectors of the Saxon and European peoples from the invasion by foreign hordes of uber leftists.
Whoremonger jr. might take a refresher course in it was his father who left a Christian pastor rot in a Turkish prison since March, was grinning with the butcher of Turkey in Erdogan's expansion of Caliph into the Balkans, and it was his father who has been endless calling for gun control, not doing a thing to stop baby's being butchered in the womb, promotes sodomy, and allowed the theft of American oil to rob Americans, exactly as George Orwell noted the pigs were stealing all the chicken eggs to sell to the capitalists on Animal Farm.

This cheerleading section of the whoremongers of the right, lecturing moral people about the way things ought to be and how they are judges of what is right and wrong, as they once again smear and slander an innocent people in Germany who had every right to protect themselves from the very things that Donald Trump now embraces and the communist democrat party progresses, is a disgrace and Donald Trump jr. owes the German Americans, and all German people AN APOLOGY for his rhetoric, based upon this black hole of Indian carpetbagging plagiarist whoremonger Dinesh  D'Souza who just got a pardon for being a crook, when real innocent Americans like the son of Gordon Kahl rot in prison after the police state tried to murder him, and did murder his father.

Perhaps these males who used women as fucking cum dumps, abandoned their children, destroyed their families, inflicted absolute harm on their extended families and communities, because the relatives are stuck trying to hold up the moral  standard and all of us have to deal with their low moral children trying to whore up our children with their toxic examples, should comprehend that it is their whoremongering adulterous attacks upon America and every nation which brings empires down. Germany was not brought down by Nazi's. Germany was brought down by Russian war crimes of mass rape and murder, as America looked on with England, as America ran her own concentration camps murdering 11 million innocent Germans after the war, as thee Americans bartered German vaginas for a crust of bread to fuck.
Rome was not brought down by Nazism. Rome was brought down by the debauchery of Donald Trump and Dinesh D'Souza, and it is these whoremongers who are bringing down America as they are engaged in thee exact sin that the democrat party promotes.

The last creatures I desire as a spokesman for my America is two whoremongers in Donald Trump jr. and Dinesh D'Souza, one a pardoned felon.

Rev. Franklin Graham: Neither Political Party Can Heal Country’s Divide: ‘Only God Can Fix It’