Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is facing a swamp which is moving to swamp him in protecting Europe, as his main force in dealing with the terrorist invasion of Europe, called FRONTEX, is the problem as it enables terrorists to invade Europe.

This photo featured on their Twitter page is worse than American enablement of invaders, in Frontex states it not only rescues invaders, but brings them safely into Europe.

The numbers of border patrol protecting Europe is a grande 402 and by 2020, there is "proposed" 1000 invader chauffeurs to bring this Muslim rape cock into Europe. This is an absolute joke and as only bureaucrats could created, the headquarters of this is in Poland and one of it's greatest accomplishments was helping Polish soccer fans enter Europe from Russia.

Chancellor Kurz is being sabotaged by this treacherous creature called the European bureaucracy. This force is not protecting Europeans, it is armed welfare escorts for 3rd world vermin.

Agency overview

Formed 6 October 2016
Preceding Agency
  • European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders
Jurisdiction European Union
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Employees 402 (2016) / 1000 (2020, proposed)[1]
Annual budget € 254 million (2016)[2]
Agency executives
  • Fabrice Leggeri, Executive Director
  • Ralf Göbel, Chairperson of the Management Board

Sebastian Kurz must seize control over FORTEX and militarize it. In a dream world, Andres Breivik would be appointed Director General, with a fully conscripted Schutzstaffel, with full deployment at the source of the problem of invasion in North Africa and Turkey.
The Chancellor must conscript the necessary troops, munitions and equipment from appropriate nations in order to produce a military police projection corp to set up compounds in North Africa to return all invaders to. Fortex must have a presence of 20,000 agents, with the full backing of a United European Army.

The first step in this is to move Fortex command to Greece, with the construction of three staging camps on remote islands. There must be appropriate container shipping for return to Libya, where convoys will walk millions of these invaders to these compounds, which will be funded by the management by Europe of Libyan oil production and these compounds will be built by the invaders in teaching them skills in construction.


The Schengen Area must be made secure. Frontex in it's current form is proof of the need of a permanency of a leader in Europe beyond a rotational few months. Chancellor Kurz must be named the Federal President of a European Corp group of states with full authority of executive orders, with authority as law enforcement and military command to answer only to him. He must have a six year term to set the ship of state in the European Super State on course.

This mandate is coming one way or the other, as this invasion will produce the kind of devastating terrorism, insurrection or war which will warrant this kind of Federal President Europe needs to project her interests on an international scale. 

The Chancellor must have a police force for protection of himself, the ship of state, Europe and be able to project that authority anywhere in the world. Frontex must be reformed immediately to a historical presence to serve the European people and their leader for a Europe of the century, the 22nd century.

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