Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Backpack Adventure

European Camp Trails Asstard Bag


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I like our thrift store at times, as in most cases the things I like, the women doing the pricing hate, so they always mark those things lower. They hate cooking, so usually pots and pans are cheap, like the French Pyrex collectors pan I picked up for 40 cents to fill out my cheapo collection.

As I was digging around, with my eyes, I noted a backpack on the floor. Placed there because no woman wants a damn backpack. As I was looking at the thing, I heard a voice saying, "The girl told me she backpacked across Europe with that". It was one of the gals at the store that I went to school with and I replied it looked like she had not washed it and brought Europe home with her.

There are few things in life that make me gag reflex, but one of them is dirty women. I am not talking about dirty from working, but you know like horse women, as they always got that sweaty dirt sheen on them, or these backpacker women, who just look with their greasy hair like they are covered with primordial ooze.

As we were talking, I said something about, "That is what cars are for instead of walking around Europe and sleeping in European dirt." She agreed and said that plans and hotels were nice.

But I showed the pack to TL and mentioned BUG OUT BAG, and we agreed for 5 dollars that this was something we could leave packed for emergencies as I do have a Boy Scout bag before they went fag scouts.

I had to look up who made this thing as it is a Camp Trails, Adriondack. Turns out it is about a 90 dollar non frame backpack in a new model, but it is too busy. I spent 5 minutes closing things up on this, as it has more shit on it than a space suit.........and it still is not got everything where it should. Those Europeans have horse shit for brains. Sell things with American names on them, to dirty girls to grim it up in Europe, and then have zero sense in what a backpack should look like.

Look I don't get the big donations............and this may surprise you in my feminist posts for Osa Johnson got zero response from the rich Christian women. That is a damning reality in I alone stand up for women, and women do not give a damn about the stories promoting women to the front. I don't get the big donations, so I can't afford and ALICE pack, that is a US military 90 pound pack, but that is about as compartmentalized solution as there is.

Here is a Bible verse the Holy Ghost just gave me about the rich non donors and it fits from Isaiah the Prophet, chapter 56

 11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.
 12 Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.

This is an American ALICE pack..

 Alice Pack

What I always wanted to build or find was a genuine Townsend Whelen, Alaskan Packboard. Those things freighted tons of material for trapping, homesteading and gold mining in the land of the midnight sun. They were remarkable things and were built for hauling everythng from flour to stoves.


 Alaskan Packboard - sissy version

The construction of them was the wooden frame, with canvas stretched over it, and straps centered through the canvas frame for air circulation and comfort on the book, so it would not gall in the heat. The one above is not right in the canvas pack, as the Whelen was a packboard like a pack saddle and you strapped your canvas bag and things onto it. This one is for sissy work as it is limited in cargo size.
You can put a tump line on it to for your head in really heavy loads, but those days are nothing I am interested in.

The thing I have is comfortable. I think when we get the money that I will keep at least two of them ready to go in one for shelter and clothes, the other for cooking and firearms.

I do have a few British websets that I purchased long ago when they were cheap, but Lord God, they are like harnessing a horse. Those Brits have shit for brains too like Europeans when it comes to keeping things simple. The Brits have too small of packages for all that needs to be stuffed into the hole.

 British Web Set 58 Model

I doubt Harry has found that the problem with that quadroon he married so the Queen could have a pet to amuse her.

Anyway, 5 bucks for a European asstard pack, and it will be 3 bucks in the laundry to wash this thing to get all the European dirt off of it as I have British tommy packs above that have real World War II clay on them which were cleaner that this thing.

As I said, never let your sons date a girl who hang around backpacks, horses or other sweaty things, unless your son is a faggot and you want his husband to hang what is left of his balls on the wall. Oh and never let your son marry a girl who goes off to Europe for school or sleep in dirt, as she has already decided she wants a European faggot to boss around.

You can learn alot from reading about backpacks.

Osa Johnson would  never have had any fairy crap like this in her mensabe camp.

Nuff Said