Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Greyhound Genocide of Lara Trump

Don't worry little dog, I will get people to vote for your genocide

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump, has put the Trump fur banning (Melania) and Elephant and lion banning (Donald) White House behind the effort to stop Florida Greyhound racing.

Lara Trump, a leading advocate for animals and President Trump’s daughter-in-law, is taking a central role in an effort to kill dog racing in Florida.
On Thursday, she will join with anti-racing supporters including Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to push Amendment 13 which would ban commercial greyhound racing in the state after Dec. 31, 2020.
A recent court decision has raised questions if the amendment will be on the November ballot, but advocates are confident that they will win in an appeal.
Trump’s support at the Greenwich, Conn., fundraiser and event, “Protect Dogs--Yes on 13,” sponsored by the greyhound protection group GREY2K USA and the Humane Society of the United States, is her latest bid to champion animals.
Trump has played a big role in getting the administration behind linking pets up with ailing veterans and recently told Secrets, “If we can do it at no or little cost to the taxpayer due to the approach of creating public-private partnerships and new synergies, then all the better. Our Pets-for-Vets concept is designed to connect pets with vets and to scale it in a way that promotes mental health and animal welfare.”
Kate MacFall, the Florida HSUS director, said that Trump's support is key to drawing attention to Amendment 13 and fundraising. "It's fabulous for us and we are celebrating that," she told Secrets.

It is difficult to track down the exact numbers of dogs if it is around 8000 Greyhounds or what, but the Lame Cherry is about to provide you a reality check so you too can understand when you decide to play God.

Do you know what happened when the Farmall, John Deere, Ford tractors appeared in America? Horses which were the backbone of agriculture suddenly had no purpose in the fields. What took place was millions were sold to slaughter houses for tankage, which included being made of glue.
When you play God and animals no longer have a purpose, they simply are not bred and those who survive are put down sooner or later.

Lara Trump likes pointing to putting these animals with wounded vets. OK, dog food prices have skyrocketed to 30 dollars a bag, there are vet bills of around 100 dollars per year, and as these are former racing dogs, they will have joint problems sooner than later which is expensive too. Who is going to pay for these new costs in veterans who can not afford toilet paper to wipe their asses?
If this is 8000 dogs, they will not all be adopted out, and those that are, will be put down as people can not afford to keep them.

Greyhound. I utilize that name so you understand what they are. they are gray in color, an a HOUND. They are bred to run down animals and kill that animal. As that is now frowned upon by the Lara Trump anti American Gothan City groups, greyhounds found a niche like horses to be run in races. For those who do not know, a fake rabbit on a stick is placed in front of the dogs, and to their delight they get to run wild and free for a few minutes several days out of the week in fulfilling what they are.
Not able to do this, is like banning Michael Jordan from dribbling  basketball or not letting a Trump do a business deal. Keeping a greyhound from doing what it loves to do, is cruel punishment.

None of that matters as Lara Trump is now a god, like the  people of Florida who think if they stop something they do not understand and propaganda funding animal groups who have millions of dollars collected from suckers and invested in the stock market tells them is wrong, they can feel superior to others that they have done something right.

The Lame Cherry asks you, what do you really love to do? OK from this point on Lara Trump and her voters in Florida say you can not do that ever again, but you will be uprooted and put in a cage where you can not do anything, because the first time a crippled Vet takes his new dog out for a run, the dog runs away and the crip loses it, so puppy gets locked inside or on a leash. You want to spend every day of your life on a leash........or do you want to run around a race track enjoying running which you were born to do?

In the end, Lara Trump has doomed all of the bitches and studs to death, as without a reason to be, people will not breed them, and if the dogs do not run, the racetracks all shut down, and this species of dogs will vanish into AKC oblivion too.

The Trump's are like all ignorant people who have money. They think that by damning the activities of humans connected by animals, that it will somehow end cruelty in the world. Destroying a race of dogs never enters into their minds, no more than Melania banning fur drives fur prices lower, so Trappers do not trap in Trump high fuel prices, which in turn has predators killing wildlife and pets by the millions, just like banning elephant and lion hunts brings disaster to Africans.

Playing God as a fool only leads to the destruction of the innocent. The Trumps  though are too urban and urbane to comprehend from their cosmopolitan towers that they have doomed thousands of innocent animals to death, who will never be replaced as their parents will be killed off too, just like the horses were when there was no longer a use for them, and just like those White Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, Slavs, French and English are being genocided for a mongrel race of slave labor in Trump border busters replacing Americans.

July Arrests of Migrant Families at Border Up 173 Percent over 2017

Now go play God little children, as it makes you feel so good until you discover exactly what you did.

Greyhound racing is the Humane alternative