Wednesday, August 8, 2018

An Islamic Policy The Lame Cherry Backs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Saudi Arabia has a very good policy to deal with evil people in they not only execute them, but also hang them up to rot.


Why they would call it crucifying them is odd, as they just sort of hang them there, but I am all for it, as the American West used to hang criminals by the neck and let them hang there until the body rotted off from the neck. There is nothing that sends a message to behave then a bloated stinking, dripping body, with maggots devouring it, to give nightmares to murderers, rapists, pedophiles and snowflakes.

Apparently Sudan, where the above photo comes from also conducts this worthy policy, and like Pontius Pilate puts a big title on top so the reading public can see what happens to evil people who break laws.

So anyway, I say Donald Trump signs an executive order making all this legal, as the Constitution only says cruel and unusual punishment to living people. There is nothing about a corpse being hung up feed the birds.
See this is a green policy as I am sure lots of vultures, crows and bald eagles would welcome this feeding time, as I had a dozen of them feeding on dead things this spring and why not hoist up a few seditionists, rapists, pedophiles,  murderers, and whatever else I think the courts should hand this over to. Look if Donald is smart he can write up a clause about Judges stopping his policies and have them up for bird food by dawn tomorrow, before anyone at CNN gets wise.
For that matter, how about a clause about reporters, as that fake news is like murder according to Ben Shapiro who keeps rewriting the 10 Commandments.

I think Donald Trump could off about 100 million slackers and I bet we would have eagles the size of pterodactyls. Oh you didn't know when all them buffalo were killed off that a super breed of wolves appeared, so I am sure with all them bodies the birds would be feeding on, that America would have like a super eagle, with 50 foot wings and talons the size of a howitzer.

Apparently them Muslims use curved swords as a renewable resource in this, but opt for more renewable resource of white linen which would help flax farmers. I think America could do with a wet suit, like Lloyd Bridges used to wear in that ocean series he starred in. Blood and guts washes off rubber really good and I don't see the propriety in dressing rapists in white, as it kind of loses that brides in white foundation.

Anyway, for the birds to make a super eagle out of 100 million dead riff raff in a real green Darwin evolution policy, I say we implement Muslim law like Supreme Court guy Stephen Brier says in Sharia law, as I honestly need a place to live, and I figure with 100 million dead evil people, that this should free up a few places so I can stop being homeless.

Maybe the President can expand this into Jesuits in turning all them Mexicans into oil as the CIA says they can do. I am sure the Europeans would buy that product as they have a history in using Jew skin lamps and I just read this would be big in America, as America is using dead baby body parts to make human mice mutants.

I should stop now as there are all sorts of money making opportunities in this, like the buffalo bones got picked up and made into fertilizer. What could be more green in saving Lake Erie from fertilizer than human bones ground up in executed criminals not causing algae bloom in Ohio.

 Anyway, Ivanka Trump was taking millions of dollars from the Saudi King for her girl policies, so why should not her dad follow Sharia Law and bring these human displays to America, as it only seems fitting and kind of sacrilegious in taking Muslim's money and not making some of their traditions part of the American landscape.


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